STOP WASTING TIME – Part 1 | Motivational Video for Success & Studying (Ft. Coach Hite)

STOP WASTING TIME – Part 1 | Motivational Video for Success & Studying (Ft. Coach Hite)

The one commodity that is most valuable on this earth is time. Time to love, time to live. From the moment the human body is born it begins dying. I don’t think you, you quite caught that. Let me say it again. From the moment the human body is born it begins dying. Some happen faster, some happen slower, some of us help them go faster, and some of them prevent it from happening sooner than later. How many seconds how many minutes do we waste every day doing things that are nowhere near the goals and aspirations and passions that we have inside? How many times you go through the course of a day and realize did I do anything I set out to do today? Write down those goals each and every day. No matter if there’s two goals a day if you can accomplish those then you’re doing more than just making it through the day. You are living and achieving your dreams. Find time to better yourself. Read explore, research, live life do things you’ve never thought of doing before. That’s what it’s all about. When you’re born that’s that date that they put on the left side of the tombstone. When you die they put another date on the right side of the tombstone but that dash in the middle is the most important thing on that tombstone. That is a line that throughout that entire time frame you were able to impact and touch others lives. You were able to leave your mark on this earth. You were able to build a legacy that nobody could change. You were able to have it to where people remember who you are no matter what. When you’re living for that dash in the middle you’re going to remember your why. Your why, why you’re here not, not the why, why did you do something, your why. Your, your reason for getting up in the morning. Your reason for pushing yourself past the brink of exertion and giving up. Your reason for moving on and getting things done in life. That dash in the middle that’s the thing that pushes you. How do you rate yourself on a scale of one to ten in terms of your physical appearance? In terms of your health? Do you take care of yourself? Are you allowing yourself to get overweight and out of shape? Are you conscious of your health? Are you watching the food that you take into your body? Do you make a deliberate effort to exercise, you know it was George Burns, he said we cannot help getting older but we don’t have to get old and many of us get old before our time because we don’t take time to take care of ourselves. Your environment is a very good indicator on a scale of one to ten is it what you want it to be? Do you find it desirable? Are you satisfied? The job or career that you’re involved in someone said that 85% of the American public are unhappy with their jobs. Are you spending eight hours a day just doing time? Doing something that you don’t find challenging, that does not make you stretch mentally, that does not stimulate you, that does not inspire you, something that you don’t find a sense of fulfillment in it? If you’re doing that day in and day out, it has to affect how you feel about yourself, your level of motivation, your relationships. What kind of impact is that having on your life? Is it nourishing or is it a toxic relationship? Does it drain you or does it build you up? Ask yourself that. How motivated are you to do something about it? Your contribution, your actions… what are you giving? Many people will leave the universe without a trace. No one will know they were here and in fact under their name we could put under there, ‘not used up.’ Will anybody know that you came this way? What contribution are you giving? What will you leave? What will be different because you came this way? Just, just stop for a second. Write down your why. What are you doing this for in life? If your why doesn’t make you cry, that’s not your why. Again, if your why doesn’t make you cry, then that’s not your why. Your why should be something so big that it moves your family tree. Your why should be something so big that it changes the whole outlook on how things are with you and your home, your family, your religion, your purpose. Think about your passion, think about your opportunities and that’s how you find your purpose. OPP. When that why meets up with your passion, your opportunity, your purpose, then you’ll find out. The most important day in your life is the day you remember why you were born.

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  1. This time next year, I will have obtained my degree. Today is 21/11/19. On 21/11/20 I'll come back to this and share my story, I am quitting Twitter

  2. GOD made us individually for a major purpose in life. He didn’t give us life just to waste it in the little time we’re here. Seek him and trust him and you’ll realize it.

  3. The more you hurry the more relaxing-time you are wasting…Probably you don't know what you are living for and what is the goal of life either. Probably you are very confused about life. Could be that you think working hard and making money, and being an "important" person is the reason for life. Sorry, but it isn't.

  4. Em wasting mai tym watching and listening to motivational vidz….
    …Srsly I watch them evry single day of mai lyfe

  5. Today 19.01.20 I watched this video. Now I learn English and after 6month I will be fluency . Somebody please write me after 6month. Because I don't know what I will do after finishing university. I hope I will do good choice for my life. Thank you

  6. Sometimes, everything feels difficult, tirring and just too much to deal with. We all have to go through the same struggle to reach what we want to ahlcheive, if what we want to achieve is great. Listening to people who know this, and listening to their perception and drive can influence your own fire to push forward. No matter what. To become unstoppable. Because nobody else on the earth will put you there… only you. These videos are fuel for those who want to change for the better make progress and to achieve their dreams. Keep 'wasting time' if this is what you're listening too to waste it.

  7. I don't need toxic relationship's anymore. things take time to work and heal. Letting toxic relationships Go. let Go and let God

  8. I beleef wat god want not about lie form poeple i dont trost poeple en i doe wat i think en give my idee help for free

  9. Everything is about God purpose
    God can restore all your time that you lost in studing but no job
    Life is not about school is about work hard. And Never give up. Focus on your Goal that is the reality of life

  10. Ce qui est primordial , c’est de connaître la Vérité le Seigneur Jésus-Christ

    Car nous mourrons tous

    Donc , où serons-nous pour l’éternité ???

    Dieu a quitté son trône de Gloire dans les cieux

    Pour venir sur la terre dans la personne de Jésus Christ

    Il a fait beaucoup de miracles devant la foule qui le suivait

    Mais les chefs religieux ont demandé au chef des romains de le crucifié

    En mourant sur La Croix Jésus a pardonner nos péchés

    Pour ceux qui mettent leur confiance dans le sang de Jésus Christ

    Le Seigneur Jésus-Christ donne la vie éternelle et ils ne passeront pas en jugement

    Car le jugement que nous méritions tous est tombé sur Jésus Christ à La Croix

    Celui qui croit en moi (Jésus ) sera aussi ou je suis au Paradis

    Celui qui ne crois pas en moi
    Iras où il aura décidé d’aller

    Car après la mort c’est l’éternité qui commence

    Où serez-vous ???

    Lisez la Bible c’est la Parole de Dieu la seule Vérité et la Vérité vous affranchira

  11. I think achieving ur dreams is not easy but also I thinking watching motivation massages will motivate u more to get what we whant

  12. … 🍿…

    Wtf …. And when people get attached to you like bullets after harassing you … And of course count the time for things to go according to them … By doing everything to cut your food for example, it is no longer a question of motivation but of determination … See the differences !!!!


  13. Why I was born?because I am gonna make my parents proud and myself too inshaAllah remember my name one day this whole world will know me because of my intelligence and hardwork And my CONTRIBUTIONs inshaAllah

  14. Hey you!! Yes you! You are still too young to set your goals and start chasing them. Time and age to do a certain thing is a hoax set by some incompetent and spineless person to restrict ool from chasing their dream. I know someone who started their med school when he was in his late 30s. So it's never too late to start chasing your dreams. More power to you!

  15. Seriously..
    You have opened motivational video and reading comments???? Don't think you're serious about getting motivated??

  16. The system has waisted most of my time!
    Now is not point to keep trying!!!
    Cuz it will still waisting it and waisting it!!!!

  17. Must say love u , love u god , love u god all 24 hours never miss … creater … and god will make u like him 🙏 Have some blessings with in u🙏from your creater and u never get any thing wrong in your life 🙏🔒🗝is in your hands use it by chanting one name .. which is really Truth 🙏love u God 🙏

  18. I should have realised ir much earlier when I was at 20 years old. For certain time, I wasted my time. I always regret now.

  19. When you create something magical it will always come to the person that creates it, and that is me , I create new worlds I'm a deliberate creator

  20. I know who, what and I have always, stayed in my integrity ! There are people out there that know the things they have done to me and others, how they live with themselves today is beyond me ! I dont want to hear anymore, about what I need to do, I have always been doing ! Even when I looked like I wasnt ! I dont care what anyone thinks about me, not anymore, the cruelty and all the things they did to me, and still today, I dont know why ? But , it's all gone, thank god !

  21. did you know, lf you throw something at speeds like 5kilometers, it (') s not going to stop it (جالبه)

  22. Good vid but disagree about starting to die .. we are born from eternity & blossom like a spring or winter flower,some grow different than others some more adored than others ( our liftimetime) & then we decline & in the moment we wither away we meet eternity again .

  23. to anyone reading this I just wanted to wish you the best of look, you will achieve your goals, your dreams, your aspirations because you can do anything that you put your mind too. if you ever go into doubt and think that no-one will believe in you just remember the only person that needs to believe in you is yourself and also I believe in you.
    have a phenomenal day and go and seize it!

  24. I lived 20 years of my life in the middle east. It's a very gloom place and doesn't give anyone any chance to live in any way unfortunately. I went to Europe…. All enlightened and educated I found myself struggling past social situations that were beyond my control. I realised that I had just wasted 20 years of my life living in the wrong place living with the wrong people learning the wrong habits and adopting an extremely poisonous culture. Standing there in the middle of a developed world where everyone is free beyond comparison and people are developed. I need to relearn the basic lessons of humanity once more. How to love and be loved. Does it come easy does it come with money. How much does it cost to live a decent human life. Why are people in the third world trapped forever to live a life of doom. This is not right. It must be corrected or ended.

  25. If we pay attention to all aspects of life and do some research we will
    see that a group of very elaborate and sophisticated systems exist for
    us to live as human beings.
    These biological, ecological, etc.. systems that we cannot live without
    are vital for our existence and if even one of them is missing life on
    this planet is not possible.

    All these systems are designed and put together in a very sophisticated
    way so that we come to this world, live in it for a while, and then we
    leave it.

    All that points to the fact that all that exist were made by a Creator
    (God) and the harmony that exists between theses supporting systems (to
    keep us alive on earth for a while) point to the fact that there is only
    one Creator (God).

    Some say that our Creator made us and designed us and put us in this
    world for no reason, He just made us. Then the following question comes
    mind: why didn't he do all this in his presence so we can see him?

    If He made us so we live and have fun, then why he brings us to this
    world and then takes us away from it? As if we are moved to a theater
    stage and we are removed from it. He could have just let us play and
    have fun in his presence forever (so that there are no doubts about his
    existence), but He didn't do that. He is letting us see his signs and if
    we honestly pay attention to what is around us we can notice them. At
    he same time it is also easy to ignore these signs, the decision is

    The fact is we are created to be tested.

    Our creator created death and life to test us to see who is better in
    conduct (for example who is appreciative, kind, just towards all,
    humble, truthful, gentle, who believes in our Creator's revelations that
    he sent through his messengers, etc.. and vice versa: who is arrogant,
    cruel, unjust, unappreciative, dishonest, mistreats others, looks down
    on others, who does not believes in truth when it comes to him/her with
    clear evidences etc..).

    We are given a limited time on earth so we should spend it to gather
    credit for ourselves and not waste it. Credit meaning while believing in
    our Creator's revelations doing good deeds for which we will be
    rewarded for in the afterlife. The opposite is also true, if we
    disbelieve in God's revelations and do bad deeds we will be chastised
    for them in the afterlife. We are free to choose, the right path or the
    wrong path. That's how we are tested.

    Our Creator expects us to be just so we must give our Creator the value,
    gratitude, love, obedience, and credit that only he deserves and not
    give them to those who do not deserve them (for example we should not
    love the creation such as prophets, messengers, angels, famous people,
    money and fame, our children, power…) more than the Creator who
    brought everything and everyone into existence and has been and will be
    providing for all his creations and has been maintaining/re-creating all
    that exist.

    67:1 Blessed is He in whose hand is the sovereignty, and Who has power
    over everything. (1) He who created death and life—to test you—as to
    which of you is better in conduct. He is the Almighty, the Forgiving.
    2:21 O mankind, worship your Lord, who created you and those before you,
    that you may become righteous – 2:22 [He] who made for you the earth a
    bed [spread out] and the sky a ceiling and sent down from the sky, rain
    and brought forth thereby fruits as provision for you. So do not
    attribute to God equals while you know

    What you just read above are verse 1 from chapter 67 and verses 21-22
    from chapter 2 in "To be recited" (called Quran in Arabic) which is the
    direct word of our Creator revealed to Mohammad to guide mankind, to
    send messages, the message of asking all people to worship (love and
    obey) only our Creator – pure monotheism (the only Creator, there are no
    other gods/ deities besides him) and to set up no partners with him in
    worship (idolatry), the message of warning and giving good news, and to
    correct the wrong ideas that man has invented about Him and His

    How do we know if Mohammad was a true prophet of God? There are many
    reasons. Two of the most important reasons are: what he predicted has
    come true (there are also other proofs in the Bible which we don't
    discuss at this time) and also the many scientific facts that God
    revealed in Quran. It is impossible for a man 1400 years ago to know
    what was just discovered recently. Please watch the following youtube

    Scientists who have read the scientific comments in the Quran have
    commented that the facts brought up in The Quran could have been known
    to anyone about 1400 years ago.
    Below are their comments:

    The Bible gives us the following test to see if someone who claims to be
    a prophet sent by God is really a prophet: Deuteronomy 18:22 If what a
    prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come
    true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken
    presumptuously, so do not be alarmed.

    Please watch the following video that talks about the prophesies of
    Mohammad that he made about 1400 years ago that have come true:

    The link to the video:

    Below are other videos that show proofs that Mohammad was the messenger
    of God (please start with video #1 then #2 and so on): (part 1 you can see other
    parts in you tube)

    Also, what you see in the news that a few are doing in the name of Islam
    (which means peace and submission to the will of God) does not
    represent true Islam. The followers of Islam are instructed to be just
    and kind to all. Islam (submission to the will of God) is the
    continuation of the same message that God has sent through all his
    messengers (for example Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus) to ask people
    to worship only him (pure monotheism) and set up no partners with him in
    worship (idolatry) and to teach people righteousness and to give them
    good news and to warn them.

    Please look deeply into his message of Islam. It is not what you see in
    the media

  26. Time is most important in everyone life
    Patience and timing are most prestigious thing in our life.
    With patience and correct timing everyone can lead to greatest success

  27. I liked the phrase ''Doing easy things, your life will be hard
    doing hard things, your life will be easy". That is really motivated

  28. Hey all, I have 3 midterms coming up. If I don't study then pretty much I'm going to fail all of them and it will be nearly impossible for me to bounce back. One of my midterms being a certification test. Over the next two weeks it will really decide how I do for this semester. Hope I do well an wish me luck. 🙂

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