I think this class
has been different because, like, most classes
we do, it’s just they come up
with the assignments, and you know, every class does
them every year, same classes. This one, it seems like it’s
more fresh, like it’s more hands-on, feel like you’re more needed in
the classroom, I guess. The type of learner that I am, I
like to learn by doing things: by hooking up the network, by crawling underneath the desk
to plug in the computer– you know, to do that kind
of thing. It is very hands-on. You can’t flub it. You can’t cheat through it. You have to actually learn
the information as you do it. So it’s not something
that you can just say, “Oh, yeah, I saw that, but I
never actually utilized it.” You have to actually utilize
the information that you get. It’s more like
a real-life experience. It’s not as much like a class as it is like going to a job
or something. It’s just I feel like more
I’m working on a project instead of just working
on homework or an assignment. You’re going to want
the client to… you know, to pick your design– and that kind of
little hurt feeling, you know, sensation
when yours isn’t chosen. And that’s something
that we’ve all, as a team, had to learn how to…
how to overcome. People clashed a little
in the beginning. Everybody wanted things
their way. And as we went along, we started realizing that
some people were much better and did have their specialties. So it really helped
bring the best out in us. On a project like this, you have
to be involved the whole time, and you don’t want to let the
other people in the group down by not doing your part. So you have to kind of stay
plugged in through the whole thing. This class puts
everything together. And if you can’t… I mean, you know,
if you can’t make it work, you know, in this kind of
environment, which is a work… a real-world, work-like
environment, then, you know, you really just
can’t make it come together.

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