Tamilnadu NEET Cutoff for All Government Medical Colleges under TN State Quota

Welcome to NEETLab – A Free Online Coaching
website for students. In this video, I am going to share you the
NEET cutoff for Tamilnadu government medical colleges. Tamilnadu has 22 government medical colleges
with close to 2500 MBBS seats available under the Tamilnadu state quota for students who
belong to Tamilnadu. Students from other state cannot apply for
this state quota. If students from other state are interested
to study MBBS In tamilnadu colleges, then they should partipicate in All India Counselling
or Deemed university counselling. Before discussing the cutoff, you need to
know the reservation categories in Tamilnadu and the percentage of seats reserved for each
category. You can get complete details about these in
the “Tamilnadu neet cutoff” video. You can search in youtube / google to watch
this video. I am going to publish videos on NEET cutoff
for private colleges and deemed univeristy in tamilnadu as subsequent videos. If you are interested to know those details,
subscribe to this youtube channel and click the bell button to receive notifications. I have divided the tamilnadu government medical
colleges into three zones based on the location. Government Medical Colleges located in big
corporations like Chennai, coimbatore are called as Tier-I colleges. Tier-II colleges are located in small corportations
like tirunelveli, vellore and Tier III colleges are from smaller cities/towns like Thiruvarur,
Sivagangai. Let us first took at the tier I colleges NEET
cutoff for last year, Madras Medical College seems to the most preferred college among
tamilnadu students. It has the highest cutoff for nearly all reservation
categories. The least preferred college seems to be Salem
government medical college. Among tier II medical colleges, Thoothukudi
medical college seems to the least preferred college and Thanjavur seems to be the most
preferred college. The least preferred college among tier III
colleges is pudukottai medical college. The last neet score who got into pudukottai
medical college from BC category is 311. If your score is less than 311 this year,
you are not going to get government college. You have to study in private college with
very high tuition fees. Do you want to study medicine within Rs 4
lakhs/year tuition fees even if your score is less than 311, then send whatsapp request
“GETMBBS” along with your city, state and neet score to whatsapp number 99440 27211
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