The Power Of The Reasonable Majority | Ben Goldhirsh | XPRIZE Insights

The Power Of The Reasonable Majority | Ben Goldhirsh | XPRIZE Insights

we’re all here in this thing together
more more that’s becoming extremely clear starting with Tunisia
and then with that happened with Arab Spring then going into occupy i think it’s the biggest
deal I don’t think people are making a big enough deal about how big enough deal it is I think it’s a total inflection point
in the way things work and I think this sort of team play that’s starting to pop up is
moving us toward more true democracy people now are able to dig and I think
for the first time you don’t have to be angry to dig in cause it’s easy to dig in it used to be
working hard to have an impact but now it’s so easy to have an impact
that you can choose where to spend your money or choose were to invest your vote with just a simple click of the button
all of a sudden you’ve unlocked the power up that sorta
reasonable majority an action which might have previously
been sort dominated by like people who were angry or had the energy that’s no longer the
case and so I think, I think it’s game over
for the unreasonable

4 Replies to “The Power Of The Reasonable Majority | Ben Goldhirsh | XPRIZE Insights”

  1. "Reasonable majority"? What is that? "Reasonable" in terms of temperament or in terms of using rational thought? Either way, I don't think any such majority exists relative to any particular political issue.

    "Where to invest your vote"? It seems to me that Americans in general feel less influential today than ever before. Unless you can drum up a million outraged calls and emails, politicians don't hear you.

  2. "I think it's game over for the unreasonable." Ben Goldhirsh, Co-founder and CEO of Good, talks about an inflection point in how civil society exercises it's power and how the internet is helping to make that easier for everyone:

  3. Nice thought, but I don't think we are quite there yet. The internet is just not good enough yet. One can have a completely game-changing idea and be like this tiny voice in an ocean of other voices, never to be really heard of. Sure, that tiny voice can have a tiny impact, but if that voice was a bit louder, it could have major global impact. Instead, we have a system where whoever already has enough money or influence can have a greater influence over the internet. It is not much different than the current system, it is just slightly more equitable right now.

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