The Walking Dead 10×13 Finding Rick

The Walking Dead 10×13 Finding Rick welcome walkers I dont know if you remember from does 60 videos I got blocked by amc in the last 2 months there was one very special about Michonne well it appears we now know what is her future path and ending so we are going to talk about it but be focus this is very interesting just to let yo know before we start if you are a active subscriber you get a chance to take home one of this negans at the end of the season but lets start all ready because honestly this is so great as you know this teaser of Michonne with Virgil made us doubt for his suspicious face it was a villain or a friend we didnt know but we now know he is a friend and what Michonne is gets to see are walkers coming but only that what is so interesting is what comes after after fighting been help by Virgil this place well be some tipe of lab for research and infirmary where they experiment with walkers and take care of people bu the description maybe be misinterpret like if the walkers maybe be more advance faster but as soon as we saw that leaked video of what it really happen we knew there were regular walkers not advance they just meant to say they advance walk in front but she well be alone by her self fighting vs 20 walkers down the hall like daredavil but with her katana you know Michonne when shes gonna kill walker she is not fuc% around she is gonna take many down and of course on her departure wont be the exception before backing out and this images is exactly what we all though on this place she well find what was left behind after they get to the island to heal Rick because it was an emergency and what it was left behind was his distinctive clothing that we all know so well so Virgil well tell her where hi is but is a place he wont dare to follow her she well have to go by her own so is very possible Vergil knew him and if his wife was the doctor of this place possibly she is who save him at the end

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