Top 10 Hollywood Stars Who Chose To Live A Regular Life

Imagine being a Hollywood star and feeling
like you had the world in the palm of your hand, and then imagine walking away from it
on your own terms. It’s hard to imagine that someone would
do that right? Well believe it or not there are people out
there who willingly chose to leave their Hollywood life behind and today on top 10 beyond the
screen, i’m dishing out a list of them for you. I’m your host joce, come say hi to us on
our social media, our links are down below. And make sure you hangout until the end of
today’s video to catch the bloopers and comment shoutouts. But for now let’s get into it. 10) Starting off our countdown at number 10
is Frankie Muniz. Most people remember him as Malcolm from the
hit TV series Malcolm in The Middle. It was one of the biggest shows on television
during its time and it set the young actor up for a successful future in Hollywood. He was just 14 years old when he first took
on the role in the 6 year running sitcom, and even though his career continued to flourish,
he randomly vanished from the public eye. After he decided to step away from acting,
he went on to work as a professional race car driver which caused him to suffer from
some pretty serious injuries. He’s had a fair amount of mini strokes and
concussions now suffers from memory loss, which he has openly talked about in interviews. As of 2019, he is running an Olive Oil shop
in Arizona with his wife, Paige Price. They live normal lives and Frankie is more
than happy with that. He did appear in a film called The Black String
in 2018 so people thought he might be back in Hollywood, but he says he just books some
roles because he enjoys it. It’s not his career path anymore and he’s
happy running a business with his lady. He does run a really funny twitter page though
if you want a laugh. 9) Up next at number 9 is Danny Lloyd. If you’ve seen the iconic 1980 horror film
The Shining, then you would know Danny Lloyd for playing the little boy, Danny Torrence. He took on the role at 5 years old and played
the son of the main character, Jack Torrence. Which for a kid would be a dream come true
because the movie has gone down in history. But as the young actor started to grow up,
he decided to grow away from Hollywood’s limelight and live a normal life instead. He did an interview with The Sun and admitted
that the money from the Shining helped put him through college, but he ended up working
at Walmart for a while and even did some pig farming. He’s no 47 years old and is working as a
science teacher in Kentucky. When talking about his choice to leave his
acting career he said: there’s a feeling I didn’t like the movie and I wanted nothing
to do with acting. But really the truth is I kept trying for
several years and I stopped at about 14 with almost no success. Fans were hoping they would see him in the
new sequel, Doctor Sleep, but he decided to sit this one out but says he will be watching
it. 8) Moving on to number 8 we have Brittany
Ashton Holmes. Maybe her real name doesn’t ring a bell
but her character name will; she’s Darla from the 90s hit movie: The Little Rascals. She won everyone’s heart back in 1994 but
then disappeared from Hollywood and people have wondered what happened to her after finding
huge success so early in life and then ditching it. She was only 5 years old when she cast in
the movie and she had no idea that it would turn into a household name. After the movie she went on to appear in McDonald’s
commercial  and even appeared in one of the episodes of Ellen. Brittany stuck with acting for 2 years, booking
roles in TV movies but nothing quite like The Little Rascals. But when it came to her teenage years, she
stayed away from the spotlight and enjoyed living like any other normal teenage girl. She graduated from high school in California
and went to college to study political science. When Myspace was a thing, her bio caption
was: I was an actress when I was a little girl and did this movie called The Little
Rascals. It’s like, really embarrassing to watch
and I don’t want to act anymore. The 30 year old gal is currently working full
time at DJ Hiclipse, which is a music app company. But fans were thrilled to see her join the
rest of the cast for a Little Rascals reunion photoshoot in 2014. 7) Next up at number 7 we have Jeff Cohen,
also known as Chunk from the The Goonies. The actor doesn’t have to do the Truffle
Shuffle anymore. He was a child actor when he starred as the
pudgy character in the classic 80’s film and that’s part of the reason why he says
acting never worked out for him. After the film he continued to pursue acting
for 6 years, up until 1991. But as he grew older he says that the competition
got stronger and his chubby look wasn’t booking him any roles. So by the time he reached his teenage years
he was already living a normal life and enjoying it. He went to the University of California, Berkeley
to study law and later became an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles. He is currently working as a lawyer, which
all began after he started his own law firm back in 2002 called: Cohen & Gardner. He also writes for The Huffington Post which
is pretty fricken cool. 6) Sliding into number 6 is Rick Moranis. He’s a Canadian actor who was well known
for his big Hollywood movies like Ghostbusters, Little Shop of Horrors and Honey, I Shrunk
the Kids. During the 80’s he was taking over the movie
scene one step at a time but sadly in 1991 his wife passed away from breast cancer and
that’s when he decided to retire from acting. He continued to act in the following years
but revealed that it was too difficult for him to be a single father of his 2 kids as
well as pursue an acting career. Not to mention, he was still trying to heal
from the loss of his wife. It wasn’t until 1997 that he completely
stepped away from the spotlight. In later years he did return to do some voice
acting here and there. Fans thought they might see him in the 2016
Ghostbusters reboot, but he turned down the offer to reprise his role. The former actor is now 66 years old and keeps
a low profile. When speaking about his decision to leave
acting he said: I was working with really interesting people, wonderful people. I went from that to being at home with a couple
of little kids, which is a very different lifestyle. But it was important to me. I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. My life is wonderful. Awww, as long as he’s happy right? 5) Half way through the list at number 5 is
Karyn Parsons; the actress is best known as Hilary Banks from the hit TV series: the Fresh
Prince of Bel-Air. From 1990-1996, Karyn played the eldest Banks
sibling who was basically the poster child of the 90s. But after the years of Fresh Prince were over,
her name started to fade out. She opened up to Vice in a recent interview
and said that it was hard to book acting roles after that and that people didn’t care about
her time on the show. She said: not that I expected people to know
who I was, but even when I’d try to tell casting directors what I’d done before,
they would have no idea. I started feeling really stupid trying to
get them to know what Fresh Prince was and who I was on it. It was embarrassing. Since the series ended in 1996, she’s been
able to book 8 roles and none that have put her back on the map. She decided to focus on writing and in 2005
she founded the non-profit organization called Sweet Blackberry, which aims at educating
children about African American history. She also has her own book called How High
the Moon. She works full time on her organization which
has grown from a passion project into a thriving organization with a series of animated short
films that are available on DVD and Netflix. 4)Here we are at number 4 is Erik Per Sullivan. Another Malcolm in The Middle star, Erik played
Dewey, the youngest brother of the bunch. He was definitely the cutest member of the
Wilkerson family and he was only 14 years old when the series wrapped in 2006. He is now 27 years old which is super weird
to me to think that we’re the same age. He’s definitely not the cheeky little boy
he was all those years ago, he’s a young man now who has kept pretty quiet ever since
he left his acting career behind. His last ever acting job was in 2010 and from
there he decided to focus on his studies. He’s been living a quiet and normal life
ever since. Fans did get their hopes up when they saw
a picture he posted on his instagram with his former co-star and brother on the show,
Justin Berfield. The two of them were sitting behind the scenes
of a movie that Justin was producing. It was cool to see them again, but Erik still
remains behind the camera. He’s not really anywhere near it at all. 3) In third place is Angus T Jones. He was one of the cutest child stars of all
time when he was starring on the TV series: Two and A Half Men. He quickly rose to fame for his role as Jake
Harper and he spent over a decade working alongside Charlie Sheen. From the outside looking in, he had his entire
future set up at that point. I mean he was kid playing a lead role on one
of the biggest shows on TV- that’s literally every actors  dream. In 2010, he broke the record as the highest
paid child TV actor in history. When he was just 17 years old, he signed a
7.8 million dollar contract for another 2 seasons of the show, which means he was making
300 thousand dollars an episode. But the show started to get a bad reputation
and it was because Charlie Sheens addiction got out of control and he flew off the handle
bars, and was fired from the show in 2011. Angus continued working on the show but as
his character grew older he didn’t agree with some of the things he was scripted to
do, like romantic scenes, or scenes with illegal substances. In 2012 he shifted his focus towards religion
and God and realized the show contradicted everything he believed in. He ended up leaving and went online to try
and get fans to stop watching it, calling the show filth. From that point on he attended the University
of Colorado and studied Environmental Studies, but then changed his major to Jewish Studies. 2) In spot number 2 is Mara Wilson. She is best remembered for playing Matilda
in the 1996 film titled after her character. Kids were quick to fall in love with her character
and the magical powers that came with it. In fact, we are STILL talking about Matilda
to this day, and I am still wishing I could make pancakes like she does. Earlier this year there was a trending game
called The Matilda Challenge which had people making videos of them dancing around a room
and pretending to make objects move. Just like her iconic scene from the movie. The challenge went viral that Mara even reacted
to them in a video interview. Ara wilson But regardless of how much fun
we thought her character was, Mara felt differently about her whole experience. In one of her 2012 she wrote about it and
said she didn’t enjoy the acting experience which is why she left shortly after. After leaving Hollywood she went on to live
a normal life and found a passion for writing. She released a novel in 2016 called: Where
Am I now? True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame. We haven’t seen her on the big screen in
a long time, but she continues to work on screenplays and novels. And if you want to hear what she’s up to
now, from her perspective, just read her book. 1)Taking over the number one spot is Jack
Gleeson, this one is especially painful for all the Game of Throne fans. Jack took on the role of evil King Joffrey
for 3 years but decided to walk away from it, and acting, all together. Instead of pursuing an acting career he decided
to move back home and attended Trinity College in Dublin where he studied philosophy and
theology. There wasn’t any bad blood between him and
the show, he just didn’t like the idea of fame and everything that came with it. During an interview he said he hated celebrity
culture. The 27 year old is enjoying his normal life
now and founded his own theatre company called Collapsing Horse Theatre Company, which is
based in Dublin. Still plenty of time to make a return to Hollywood
though, you never know. And he has Game of Thrones on his resume forever
now, which is pretty sweet. Okay you guys, there is our list for today. Chat with me about it down in the comments
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