Top 10 places recent college grads are moving to.

What is going on everyone? Welcome back
to the world according to Briggs my name is Briggs and I have some sort of rash I
think I got into something while I was in Alaska I don’t know I don’t ever
remember getting any sort of rash ever I mean I’m sure I had some when I was a
baby you you know but that was it well no actually when I was a young adult I
had an ex-girlfriend who would give me a rash every time she talked too much
speaking of young adults where are they all moving to these days where all the
new college grads setting up camp in the last decade or so the old go to places
that all the young people moved to have fallen out of fashion when I was younger
everyone was moving to LA New York San Francisco or Miami then later on they
started moving to Portland Seattle Denver and now those have fallen out of
fashion why have all these cities fallen out of fashion the main reason is price
hardly anyone in their 20s can afford to live in these places anymore if they are
living in one of those places something else is going on like their families
subsidizing them they’re selling their plasma on the weekends they’ve changed
their name to cinnamon and twirl on a pole for dollar bills and some of them
are probably still living in their cars and paying car insurance instead of rent
I’ve mentioned that before but I actually know a guy who lived in his car
in Seattle for the first two years out of law school he was a lawyer with such
high student loan debt that he had to live in his car that blows that’s not
the way it’s supposed to be a lot of young adults have seen the light I guess
living in a place that is way above your budget makes zero sense they’re
spreading out across this great country searching for a better life kind of like
the Mormons back in the 1800s it’s not just one or two new places it’s a bunch
and that’s what today’s video is all about so sit back and watch my top ten
places recent grads are moving to number 10 Hattiesburg Mississippi Hesburgh
Mississippi is not the first place most people would think about moving to when
they’re looking for a new place to live their population has stayed just under
forty six thousand residents since the 2010 census the reason for this older
people are passing on and mostly younger people are taking their place the
average age in Hattiesburg is 34 years old that’s four years lower than the
national average now this part is amazing if you know anything about
Mississippi thirty-six point eight percent of the residents in Hattiesburg
have at least a bachelor’s degree that’s two percent higher than the national
average mind blown I
check on that stat several times to make sure I was reading it right then I
thought I might be impaired in some manner that hasn’t occurred to me yet
and I was reading things that were untrue I checked my medication and I’m
good to go another neat fact about Hattiesburg the 24 to 35 year old
population was the only group that hasn’t been losing people it actually
increased by 4.2 percent over the last two years why are young people moving
here you ask they have jobs in Hattiesburg and it’s a dirt cheap cost
of living they’re just moving there because then it’s not like they have
some crazy pub or brewery scene or music scene no it’s just cheap to live and I’m
sure they have those things and people are flocking there number nine Killeen
Texas Killeen Texas is about an hour’s drive north of Austin Texas the Texas
state capitol it has just over 127 thousand residents and here it is
they call it k-town holy hell that needs to stop if you use the first letter of
whatever city or town you live in followed by the word town you are not
original there’s at least five other places that use the same nickname as you
Colleen’s population between 24 and 35 grew by 4.3 percent last year alone that
was the only age demographic above new born that increased the average age in
Killeen is 31 years old why are young adults moving here it’s low cost living
low housing costs they also have solid schools which is attracting young
couples you just got to worry about the heat in Killeen number eight
Fayetteville North Carolina oh yes Vietnam is the older sergeant used to
call it Fayetteville is right outside the gates of the Army’s Fort Bragg a
place I’ve spent too much time at the Ville as others call it has about two
hundred thousand residents in the city and almost 400,000 in the metro area I
had a girlfriend that lived in Fayetteville she’s about 45 years old
now and her name’s Julie she also might still have a tattoo on her butt that
says Briggs she was a bit of a stalker I think a friend told her I went missing
in action funny thing about that we weren’t even at war she didn’t get it I
don’t know strange anyway the demographic of ages
24 to 35 grew 4.7 percent last year alone the average age here is thirty two
point two years old why do young adults move here well some of them don’t have a
choice the Army stationed them there and they have to go there the recent grads
are coming for the low cost of living simple number seven Hinesville Georgia
this is another army town with a lot of the same things going on in Fayetteville
North Carolina Hinesville is right outside of Fort
Stewart Georgia and less than an hour from Savannah Georgia
this is easily my favorite area in the south and it’s starting to catch some
attention it wasn’t for a long time people just knew it as place outside of
Fort Stewart now people are starting to move into that area they don’t have the
best stats until you get the cost of living it is dirt cheap here as well
Hinesville is sort of the center of Liberty County and really all of Liberty
County is starting to see a younger crowd move in the average age here is 27
years old that’s right 27 years old that’s a low
average adults what the bachelor’s degree is 18.9% now that’s not the
highest until you realize ten years ago it was about five percent number six
Charlottesville Virginia Charlottesville Virginia is an amazingly historic town
the city was founded in 1762 and currently has almost 44,000 residents
with almost 230 in the entire metro area new graduates are moving to this part of
Virginia at a pretty good pace they have jobs housing isn’t crazy and the cost
living in Charlottesville is only fourteen percent higher than the
national average the twenty four to thirty five age group grew by five point
four percent last year alone and a lot of that has to do with jobs and great
schools they got really good schools in Charlottesville Virginia saw some action
during the Civil War Charlottesville was spared the brunt of
the American Civil War action the only battle that took place in Charlotte’s
field was a skirmish at Rio Hill an encounter with George Armstrong Custer
yes that George Armstrong Custer but Custer briefly engaged with local
Confederate Home Guards before retreating the mayor surrendered the
city to Custer’s men to keep the town from being burned in more recent history
in August of 2017 the city was the site of a couple rallies that took a really
bad turn it sort of left a black eye on Charlottesville that black eye hasn’t
slowed down the influx of recent grads the average age in Charlottesville right
now is only 29 years old number five Fayetteville Arkansas if you
look at Arkansas as a whole this one seems a little odd a majority of the
state is trying to leave the state then you have the northwest section near
Fayetteville and Rogers bring Dale also this part of Arkansas
doesn’t act like the rest of Arkansas they have jobs educated people nice
homes for cheap you can buy the American Dream here for about two hundred
thousand dollars it’s a nice house backyard on a friendly street the
average age in Fayetteville is 28 years old and last year the young adult
population grew by five and a half percent which this place is coming up
this is a place that a lot of people are looking to now as being the next Seattle
Portland something like that number four Arlington County Virginia
Virginia gets another one on this list all those people that used to move to
New York City after college moved to Arlington County Virginia it seems like
this is the first one on this list that doesn’t fall into the cheap category
actually this place is very expensive but if you’re going to sell your soul
and work in Washington DC in a professional capacity you’ve looked at
getting a place in Arlington County Virginia the average age is thirty two
point five and in 2018 the young adult group grew by six percent that’s pretty
high when one small group twenty four to thirty five grows by six percent there’s
definitely a youth movement going on here so if you want to work for the
government and especially the Pentagon which has a very nice Taco Bell and to
KFC they have their own Taco Bell and KFC in the building not like most places
that just have a Starbucks they have one of those too but they actually have
their own KFC in their own Taco Bell amazing if you want to work at one of
those places Arlington County is your place number three Junction City Kansas
this is another army town that has seen an influx of college grads Junction City
has lost about a thousand people since the 2010 census twenty-three thousand at
22,000 the thing is this the only group that grew was the 24 to 35 age group the
average age is 26 in Junction City that’s really low it’s actually 11 years
younger than the national average again a lot of people are in the military but
recent grads have been filtering in for a couple years now in 2010 only thirteen
percent of the residents had a bachelor’s degree currently it’s about
23 percent just last year alone the 24 to 35 age group grew by six point three
percent and that’s a lot of people a lot of young people this Junction city may
alarm most people you’re probably thinking what has gone wrong with
American youth to make them consider Kansas as a place to move to I’ve been
to four I went outside the main post twice in
six months six months I was there I went out twice each time I got outside the
gate looked around and thought well that was a complete waste of time and went
back in like I said the average age here currently is 26 years old that’s young
number two Milwaukee Wisconsin Milwaukee is one of the only places in Wisconsin
you’ll find a lot of crime the good news is it’s trended down what hasn’t caught
up with that trending down statistic is the cost of living in housing prices
both are still really low approximately 18 percent of the population is in its
20s in Milwaukee the city also ranks high for both its concentration of bars
and its concentration of dining establishments eat and drink in
Milwaukee is like an extreme sport these people drink a ton of beer and they eat
a scary amount of meat like sausages and bratwurst and not with all that stuff
it’s it’s they go heavy the average age in Milwaukee is 26 and that 24 to 35
year old group grew by 7% last year alone Wisconsin leads the country in a
strange stat they have the least amount of outward migration by recent grads in
the whole country like all 50 states they’ve the least amount of grads
leaving the state with their degrees I think they lead in just low youth
migration in general people like it there it’s a great state they want to
stay and they want to stay close to their family you just got to get past
the cold who they get some cold winters and number one Cincinnati Ohio shocker
right most people never would have seen this one coming Cincinnati Ohio is the
top spot for new college grads the main reason Cincinnati is number one is its
affordability cost of living here is very low crime in some areas is a little
high but you know if you got a low cost living that’s to be expected
like all American cities another contributing factor is the monthly
median rent is only 580 dollars a month that’s like unheard of in any other city
almost I’m sure someone’s gonna pull something out of like Oh lathe Kansas
they are only paying like four hundred and twenty dollars you’re in a lathe
Kansas so yeah this relative affordability makes it easier for you to
pay off student loans and look ahead for other financial goals like getting your
first mortgage and then hopefully foreclosing and getting another one
later on down the line sometimes you might need a bankruptcy lawyer but
that’s okay if you’re in Cincinnati you’re probably going to find
like-minded individuals to help you keep on track
just over 22 percent of the population is in their 20s that’s pretty low and so
what a lot of people are noticing about Cincinnati 20 year-olds are everywhere
nobody likes to see that bunch of happy optimistic people wearing leggings
everywhere it’s horrible I saw a video actually that this guy did about young
people migrating to sensi and one of the people he talked to was a woman and her
husband I’d say they’re in their 50s and they were at a mall or something and
they he was asking them about that and if they’ve noticed it and they had and
then this woman goes on this tangent about all these young kids are
destroying the culture Cincinnati her husband is sitting next to her on this
bench he’s just kind of shaking his head in agreement you know just kind of
calmly then she blurts out all these young girls wearing yoga and workout
pants all over the place it’s just tacky her husband leans towards the Camerons
that I’m okay with that one he winks it was perfect it was it was almost like it
was setup but I guess it was it was great anyway the 24 to 35 age group grew
by 7.3 percent last year Cincinnati seems to be a hot spot for
young people and it’s pretty much all price you can live there pretty cheap
and you’re in I’d say you know medium sized city and it’s got a baseball team
in a football team it’s got something going on there all right so it’s my top
ten places young people and graduates are moving to I hope you guys enjoyed
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