Top 10 States with the least diversity.

Top 10 States with the least diversity.

Hey welcome back to the world according
to Briggs, I’m Briggs and today we’re gonna tackle a tough list that I get
asked about all the time diversity what states what cities are
the most diverse the United States is a melting pot ever since the first Native
Americans saw sailing ship on the horizon and thought to themselves oh
look visitors we should have them over for dinner I’m sure they’re fine they’re
just visiting they’ll be on their way soon to today when it’s a hot-button
political issue diversity is more than just racial differences it reflects a
populations mix of not just races but also cultures religion economic status
and other characteristics if you’re looking for a new place to live it might
be important to you if the state has a good amount of diversity a diverse state
can offer you many things many opportunities experience different food
people cultures music and very colorful parades in some cases wallet hub did
some research and ranked all 50 states from first being the best of 50 being
the worst in different categories related to diversity I jumped on the US
Census website and got some more data wallet hub ranked diversity in five
categories socio-economic diversity cultural diversity economic diversity
household diversity and religious diversity so if your what states have
the least diversity you’re probably gonna have to start with number 10
Wyoming Wyoming was admitted into the Union on July 10th 1890 making it the
44th state back then it was a hundred percent white males according the data
it was like this big giant statewide sausage fest just kidding I’m sure there
was a bunch other races and females they only counted white males on the census
back then today the US census has Wyoming’s population at about ninety two
point eight percent white one point three percent is black or
african-american 10 percent is Hispanic or Latino one percent is Asian and two
point seven percent is Native American so yes it’s a little bit lopsided when
it comes to hate groups Wyoming only has two according to the Southern Poverty
Law so that’s good that’s not a lot the thing is if you’re looking for a good
taco in Wyoming you might have to do some research they do have them but
they’re few and far between and Taco Bell doesn’t count
so stop typing Wyoming is ranked 37th in racial diversity and household diversity
which means like the status of the home married single separated whatever
they came in 47 the economic diversity is second so that’s good it’s almost
like they’re all you know making decent money together number nine
Ohio on February 19th 1803 US President Thomas Jefferson signed an act of
Congress that approved Ohio’s boundaries in Constitution the thing is this
Congress never passed a resolution formally admitting Ohio as the 17th
state they were a little suspect to this place way back then the custom of
Congress declaring an official date of statehood didn’t start until 1812 like
nine years later if you ever visit Ohio you know it’s got a laundry list of
things that need to be fixed the racial division is one of them according to the
u.s. census roughly eighty two point five percent of Ohio’s population is
white 12.8 is black or african-american three point seven is Hispanic or Latino
and two point two percent is Asian only 0.3% is Native American Ohio has 35 hate
groups according to research by the Southern Poverty Law Center they ranked
41st and racial diversity and 42nd in economic diversity
way to go Ohio maybe that’s why people are flooding out of there
number eight Iowa the first American settlers officially moved to Iowa in
June of 1833 a vast majority of these families were from Ohio Pennsylvania New
York and Kentucky they’ll pitch their tent on the eastern banks of the
Mississippi River 99% of those families would be considered Caucasian we know
this because this is where the phrase okie-dokie originated right after
getting territorial status the ball got rolling for statehood on December 28
1846 Iowa became the 29th state in the Union according to the u.s. census
ninety one point four percent of Iowa’s population is white three point seven
percent is black or african-american five point eight is Hispanic or Latino
two point five is Asian and point five percent is Native American Iowa has just
four hate groups and that’s according to the research by the Southern Poverty Law
Center like I’ve said before sure they have a couple hate groups but
statistically especially in this day and age on the climate we have in this
country you’d think they’d have more but if you know anyone from Iowa you know
they tend to be good people and they were raised properly so I think that
helps keep the number of hate groups down also keeps that crime really low
too anyway the racial diversity in Iowa got ranked 45th and the
socioeconomically they were 30 third and 45th for household diversity
so why does household diversity matter I’m not talking about things that are
good we’re not talking about things that are bad we’re just talking about things
that really don’t have a lot of differences you know the whole core of
diversity they have a lot of families that are just a man and a wife and kids
they don’t have a lot of divorced people separated people or anything like that
that’s all it means number seven Utah the Beehive state was
admitted into the Union on january 4 1896 like most western states it started
as a territory and has some pretty strange history when it comes to
outsiders like the mountain meadow Massacre for example this happened in
1857 when a Mormon militia decided they didn’t like a wagon train full of people
from Arkansas camping on their territory on their way to California so they
surrounded the settlers and over the course of four days they terminated
everyone over the age of eight years old I don’t know what their problem with the
people from Arkansas was I mean I have a neighbor from Arkansas and I won’t let
him borrow tools and he keeps putting trash in my can when his is full I’m not
going to lay siege on his house and attack at some point it just seems like
a little bit of an overkill if you ask me anyway like I said they aren’t really
fans of others I mean that was until sometime later when they needed tourist
dollars and they’re fans of everyone come on in
they even convinced a bunch of tech companies to move to Utah over the years
they were like 18 data centers and who knows how many data rooms there
85% of Utah is white 2% is Asian 1.2 percent is Native American
only 1% black or African American and 6% other wonder who’s another they also
have a large Hawaiian and Samoan community because the Mormon thing
anyway they’re ranked 50th on household diversity and 49th on both political and
religious diversity number 6 Kentucky Kentucky was admitted into the Union on
June 4 1792 and it’s been a magical relationship ever since I’m totally
kidding if you’re looking for a state to have a home in a reasonable mortgage you
could do a lot worse than Kentucky the land is relatively cheap here people are
decent and you’ll probably starve to death if you’re hoping to land a job as
a teacher for an English as a second language class according to the US
Census roughly 88% of Kentucky’s population is white eight point three
percent is black or african-american three percent is Hispanic or Latino and
one percent Asian they also have point three percent Native American
Kentucky isn’t too welcoming when it comes to diversity the state has 23 hate
groups as the estimate that maybe three more hate groups than they actually have
immigration lawyers in the state I’m guessing I could be wrong anyway racial
diversity they ranked 46th 39th for political diversity number five Montana
Montana’s nickname is Big Sky Country and it was admitted into the Union on
November 8th 1889 so it hasn’t been around as long as a lot of the other
states anyway Montana is a state very similar to Wyoming as far as well almost
everything similar landscape weather history and
dudes named Wyatt according to the US Census roughly eighty nine point two
percent of Montana’s population is white point six percent is black or
african-american three point six percent is Hispanic or Latino and only 0.8
percent is Asian now this is one of the highest we’ve seen of Native Americans
they’ve got almost seven percent Native American Montana also has seven hate
groups every one of the types of diversity that was ranked Montana ranked
in the 40s except economics just like Wyoming
Wyoming was number three they were ranked number two in economic everyone’s
making the same kind of money they’re apparently number four New Hampshire the
Granite State was admitted into the Union on June 21st 1788 making them the
ninth state New Hampshire has the shortest coastline of any state in the
United States that has a coastline and is rumored to be the location of one of
Blackbeard the pirate his buried treasure apparently some place along the
coast of New Hampshire New Hampshire is considered by most to be one of the best
States to live in if you can handle the winter and the high cost living they
don’t have in any like state income tax whatsoever so that’s nice but still they
got a high cost of living on may 31st 2007 New Hampshire became the first
state to recognize same-sex unions without a court order or a threat of one
they just did it so I mean in a lot of ways their you know their diversity
should go up for that but you’ll see the second here the u.s. census estimates
that about ninety four percent of New Hampshire’s population is white one
percent is black or african-american only about three percent is Hispanic or
Latino two percent is Asian at about 0.3 percent is Native American New Hampshire
has six hate groups it’s still a really good
state to live in it’s it’s a beautiful state beautiful landscape just not a lot
of people move there that aren’t really you know of the Caucasian or Western
European descent New Hampshire’s ranked 47th when it comes to racial diversity
36 with economic diversity and then when you look at household it’s 46 and
religious diversity everyone’s going the same route on that one it’s ranked 48th
number three Vermont the Green Mountain state was admitted into the Union on
March 4th 1791 but earlier on June 2nd 1777 the second convention of 72
delegates met and adopted the name Vermont this was a suggestion given by
dr. Thomas young he was a friend and mentor of Ethan Allen yeah the furniture
dude he was advising them on how to achieve admission into the newly
independent United States of America as the 14th state it wasn’t until years
later they found out that the word Vermont was a native word for get off my
lawn according to you a census roughly ninety four point six percent of
Vermont’s population is white one point three is black or african-american one
point nine percent is Hispanic or Latino and one point eight percent is Asian
only 0.4 percent is Native American congratulations Vermont you only have
one hate group they have five members and they play Dungeons and Dragons on
Thursdays Vermont ranked 48th in racial diversity and 47 in religious diversity
number two Maine Maine is a great state and the people have always been very
welcoming well maybe not that City official and emailed me he’s a little
perturbed about something I said in the video he said I gave bad information
about his town which I didn’t so i directed him to the link of his own
cities web site where the information was and I never heard from again I don’t
know it happened anyway most the people are nice in Maine which is why I was a
little shocked when I read the demographics of Maine it just didn’t
seem accurate but it is the Pinetree state was admitted into the Union on
March 15 1820 Megan at the 23rd state so there’s been plenty of time for other
people to catch on domain according to the u.s. census 95 percent of Maine’s
population is white or Caucasian whichever you want to call it one point
five percent is black or african-american one point six is
Hispanic or Latino and only one point two is Asian about 0.7 percent is native
American Maine has just three hate groups so I mean that’s good but still
the racial diversity in Maine was ranked 49th by wallet hub the religious
diversity was 50th and the household diversity was 39th now again I want to
make that clear on that one this video isn’t about how something is bad or
anything like that the household one just tells you that there’s not a lot of
different family types there there’s not a whole bunch of single moms or single
dads there’s not a bunch of divorcees or separated people there just seems to be
a lot of average American household to add mom kids and number one West
Virginia if you’re looking for diversity in West Virginia I got some bad news for
you there’s almost none at least outside of Charleston maybe Huntington in
Morgantown once you get outside of those three cities diversity becomes rare very
rare like a mermaid riding a unicorn being chased by Bigfoot behind a Taco
Bell tie prayer go deep in the haulers and they think Malcolm X is a member of
the x-men in case you don’t know what a holler is a holler is an Appalachian
pronunciation for hallo a village in West Virginia for example might be
identified as a holler because you know it’s in the mountains and it’s geography
basically the southern Appalachians are not the only place with hollows although
they may be the only place to this site a Jupiter that calls them hollers
according to the US Census roughly 94 percent of the population in West
Virginia is white 3% is black or african-american 1.5 percent is Hispanic
or Latino 0.8 percent is Asian point 2 percent is Native American and that is
it in addition wallet hub found that the state scored low when it came to
linguistic diversity meaning they only speak one language there when it comes
to racial diversity they ranked 50th political diversity they ranked 37 and
religion was 42nd not a lot of diversity going on here alright so that is my states with the
least amount of diversity I hope this was good information for a lot of you I
get asked about it all the time and I know a lot of people that ask want it to
go this other direction I just wanted to give you the facts let people know which
states are which and how they are it’s just information anyway don’t forget all
the links below leave me a comment tell me you thought give the video a big
thumbs up subscribe if you already haven’t everybody have a great day
be nice to each other you

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  2. Interesting how closely this list matches the safest states to live lists, in many cases. I live in one of the more diverse cities in New Hampshire, and so many of the non-whites in my town moved here from other states to get away from the crime and drugs. We all get along just fine.

  3. Obviously your data is flawed. There are as many divorced/single sex households per capital as any other state. In addition, there are many Latino and black families. But my primary problem with this video is states like Iowa, or rather, the residents have nothing to do with who CHOOSES to live there.

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  7. A Happy Holler dwelling Hill Billy ! Wow we only speak one language here English ! In the areas away from "diversity" you are safer than anywhere in the world. So ya'll can keep your diversity !

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  9. Ohio had better been on this list. Born here and moved to dallas tx and recently moved back. You can see the difference. They are light years behind.

  10. I grew up in an Appalachian town close to West Virginia. We had to combine our school with a larger town because we were so small. We had roughly 900 students. There was 1 black guy in our school. That’s it.

  11. The thing about diversity as a social construct of classism is the inability of factoring in all the different variables that make up a diverse population of individuals. The least diverse state is synonymous with saying the most in common.
    Without watching the video I already declare this to be false no matter how it's skewed.

  12. Does such thing as a black mormon exist? Utah got me thinking, mormonism must surely be the least diverse religious sect.
    Lol, mor(m)onz.

  13. Why does diversity always have to be about race? Even if a state is 90%+ Caucasian, I am sure they are a mixture of different European cultures and ethnic groups.

  14. Are all black neighborhoods considered diverse. How about entire counties, only Hispanic, in California only speak Spanish, are they diverse? Is diverse really code word for non whites only?

  15. You gave me a list of 10 places I should move to. Maine is the safest state in the nation. Coincidence? I dont believe it.

  16. He’s right Ohio has a lot of problems and a lot of people are leaving although there’s more people moving here than leaving. I grew up in Port Clinton, lived in Columbus for a time and live in the Hocking hills right now and I can say that this place isn’t very diverse. So, I guess I’m not surprised we got on the list.

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  22. There's a reason West Virginia is the way it is lol it's stayed poor since it became a state and it was very different from Virginia because slavery wasn't as big in WV

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