Top 10 Updates at Mount Aloysius College | Fall 2018

Hey Mounties! here are the top 10 campus
updates waiting for you at Mount Aloysius this fall. Here we go! #10:
Fancy hats, gowns and… Super Troopers? That’s right – actor and writer Erik Stolhanske, best known as “Rabbit” in Super Troopers will offer remarks at our 2018
convocation on September 6th. #9: We’re offering a handful of shiny new
majors, including communication studies, cybersecurity, and conservation law
enforcement…Do they… fight… bears? …Anyways… #8: new employees! That
includes nursing and business faculty, a Lacrosse coach, advisors, a provost,
and an interim president who really likes the campus. [Dr. Mills] “Hey be quiet there’s
some big ones in here and they can hear you, and we don’t want the campus police
to know that I’m fishing illegally either”. #7: [Fingers snaps] The Adams Family
coming to the stage this fall. #6: Pierce Hall [also known as the Learning Center for Health Science and Technology]
is done and …awesome! #5: New …Campus Squirrel!
#4:The new field is under way for soccer, and our newest addition, lacrosse!
#3: You’re going to see a whole lot of new outdoor activities this fall,
including trips to local outdoor hotspots, clay sports and loanable
outdoor activity gear. #2: this is for you, freshman! Orientation this year
will include an outdoor adventure day including: biking, hiking, kayaking, river
floats, and food! And #1: [nurse walking]
[Mr. Mac’s foot tapping, twiddling thumbs] [Nurse] Mr. Mac? Mr. Mac? [Nurse] So what brings you in
here today? [Nurse] Well we have a lot of options for you. [Angel choir] [Nurse] Great, follow me! See you in August

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