Hi Ma’am, may i come in? Come in. Good afternoon Ma’am. What’s the matter? After graduation, i have decided to go higher education. I’m actually currently applying for a Scholarship. To apply for a Scholarship, i need 2 HODs signature and the Director of School signature. I have already gotten the HOD’s signature. i just need your signature. Scholarship? What Scholarship? Princeton Scholarship Wha…wha…what? Princeton Scholarship? Do you know how much marks you need to get for that? Yeah i know. This are my marks. Take a look. What marks? What marks? Let me see. What is this? Why are the Marks like this? But Ma’am its all As. A means 80 to 85. A+ means 90 and above. To apply for a Scholarship like this, you need to have brains like Einstein. That’s when they will select you. No, they also look at your achievements, awards and credentials too. First you need to have the right marks which you already screwed up then what is this nonsense about achievements/awards? You know Sundar? No i don’t know. You should know. You need to learn from him. He gets A+ in everything. He doesn’t have achievements and awards but that’s fine. Even he is worried about getting a good job with such excellent grades. you are running after Scholarships. Look, i’m telling you this for your own good. If you don’t get a Scholarship, you will be ashamed. You need to have been a student in an elite school to apply for Scholarship like this. You are currently in a school which doesn’t even have the standard to talk about those schools. Look you have got all As here. when you go out, you can get a good job. Instead of that, you are running behind signatures. Hey! When i ask for signature, just put 3 strokes like chicken feet as signature and send me away… …you are commenting about me having no brains, no marks. What student? You are talking without any respect. You are asking for respect? Shouldn’t i? Okay leave it then. Leave it? Here i come. 6 years primary school. 5 years secondary school. 3 years polytechnic. Altogether for 14 years, we are sitting at a small desk with big dreams. Its okay if you don’t encourage our dreams but why do you discourage us? Only 50% of graduates even think about going for higher education. 25% of them, due to lack of money forget about it after a while. 15% of them take loans to go get their degrees. Why? Because when you go out to find a job with diploma, min salary is $2100. if you go out with degree, min starting salary is $3300. In 2017, only 20% of poly graduates are going to go to university. RAAGHUVARAN: You need to go your data properly before speaking. I’m telling you exactly what the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION has reported. In my house, we don’t even talk about university because we don’t have any money. My elder sister and brother didn’t even bother trying. They straight went out and got a job. But i want to become a lawyer. For that, i need to have a degree. With the talent i have, i got good grades. I have made achievements and awards. Come here. Who is Sundar? He has A+ but no credentials? When the school bell rings, he will run out of school to have fun. but i stay back after school to attend and participate in 10-20 events to get certificates and awards. but i got to learn from that crazy guy? then what did you say? You are telling for my own good? If i don’t get my Scholarship i will get ashamed? At least i tried. i’m putting efforts to achieve my big dreams. But you? You need to be ashamed. When a student comes to you with big dreams and aspirations, you should say… You will do well! You study harder! You have a bright future! Instead of that, you are telling me to get a simple job with the education i already have. I’ll study hard and get a Scholarship. Your job is to put your signature. Okay, done? Next time, a student comes in for Scholarship enquiries, you better not discourage with your disgusting mouth. I’ll staple your lips together. You need to keep your opinions to yourself! You seem to be in a deep state of thinking. No, i’m just processing what you said. Okay i’ll take my leave. Poor girl. Chasing after Scholarships? Silly girl. If i don’t get a Scholarship and flaunt it infront of your face, my name isn’t K.K

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