UC Regents Scholars at UCR

When I was applying for colleges I expected to have to go to community college because all the burden of paying for college would be on myself. So I expect to have to work a job, take part-time classes, and then once I was established then I could transfer to UCR. But I was lucky enough to be selected as a regent scholar and because of that I’ve received all three years, and I hope to receive it for fourth. I feel like it’s given me a lot of opportunities It gives me priority registration, so I never fall behind in my courses, I get everything that I need. And it’s also led me to many opportunities on campus. After I graduate from UCR I hope to attend medical school. The tools that a medical education can give me, I would really love to spread that around the entire world. So that’s what my I’m aiming for. For all those that donated to scholarship I would like to thank them because I can just now focus on my academics and extracurricular activities. I don’t have to worry about paying upon graduation. I can just focus on getting a job, I can focus on applying to graduate school because I do Plan on going to medical school after finishing I want to personally thank everybody that made it possible for me to become a regent scholar. Regent scholar gave me the time to really become the person that I wanted to be and learn that I love helping people Now that I have that purpose in mind through all the experiences that regents has allowed for me. I have direction

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