UIS Scholarship Luncheon 2018

I’m delighted to be here to welcome all of you,
students and donors, to this wonderful event! This is our 22nd annual scholarship luncheon
here at UIS. We have roughly 270 people coming. It’s a pretty exciting day. For some of us, it’s the most exciting day
of the year on campus. It’s an opportunity for our donors and the
student recipients of those scholarships that those donors put forth a chance to get together
and get to know each other and we hope that everybody kind of appreciates this opportunity
to kind of have mutual thanks for this opportunity. It was really huge for me. Both of my scholarships are situational and
beyond just the financial help, which is a minor miracle, the vote of confidence in someone
feels like I can succeed is huge when you’re not a traditional student. Well we’re both educators and we feel that
our education has been a powerful, positive force in our life and I at least was helped
greatly by scholarships going through school, so this seemed perfectly natural and just
the right thing to do. It’s important for me because it helps me
out a lot in the long-term. This scholarship here helped pay for a lot
of my books, online sources and things I needed for the coursework this year. So I just finished a career in IT, 40 years
in IT, retired two years ago from Microsoft. I wanted to be able to leave a legacy at a
university that was away from large urban centers because I’m from a very small country
community of 750 people. What does it mean to you to be able to meet
your scholarship recipient face-to-face? It’s very important. I gives you a good feeling, a sense that you’re
helping somebody with direct contact. Well probably whether he’s interested or not,
I’m going to give him some career advice and maybe save him a step or two. We hope that donors realize that (1) They’ve
made some good decisions by setting up a scholarship, by supporting particular students through the challenging selection processes to align these students with scholarships, but just as importantly
to sort of enhance that relationship or that sense of engagement with the university and
quite frankly so that they may consider investing even more in these students as well as students
of the future. Institutional scholarships is just one form.
Fill it out to the best of your abilities and submit it. You never know what you’ll get. For my position, I didn’t really know what
I was going to get and I ended up getting this scholarship, so I’d say everyone do it
and you never know what happens. My biggest thing is just thank you. It’s huge that they’re doing this, that they
believe in this. It think we just want to say work hard and
success is just around the corner.

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