Um Actually Goes Hollywood [Full Episode]

(upbeat music) – From “Seven Samurai”
to “The Seventh Seal” movie nerds like a lot of things but there’s something
they love above all else and that is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (upbeat jazzy music) Joining us on today’s episode
we have Raphael Chestang. – Take one! – We have Grae Drake. – Woo! Tuxedo! – And we have Shane Crown. – I’ve seen a movie. – That is good because
today is our movie centric cinematic episode of Um, Actually with a bunch of highfalutin
movie questions. The kind of movies we wouldn’t
normally cover on the show and maybe a couple that we might. And the three of you are, at least a little bit I would hope hopefully if you’re here, are into movies? – Yeah! – Yeah, I love movies about
fancy people drinking tea. (laughter) – Ew, not genre. – [Mike] Ew, gross! We’ll go ahead and we’ll start this up. I’m gonna explain the rules very quickly. These are a stack of statements. These are incorrect
statements about movies. It’s up to you to buzz in, find the thing that’s
wrong and correct me. You must precede your
corrections with the phrase, “Um, actually.” If you don’t, I won’t give you the point. “Jeopardy!” style. And you can interrupt me as
soon as you notice the thing that’s wrong. You don’t have to wait for
the question to finish. – Ready! – White-knuckle grip on this buzzer. – [Mike] Let’s do it. Gratefully, “Casablanca”
has yet to be remade. Although, there have been a few attempts including one reportedly
intending to star Madonna and Ashton Kutcher during the 2000s. That said, “Casablanca” has been made into two different TV shows and a play titled “Everybody Comes to Rick’s.” – (laughs) We were supposed to have hit the buzzer by now, right? (laughter) (bell dings) – I’m gonna buzz in and say um, actually “Casablanca” has been remade actually way more times than two because dudes are always
leaving ladies in planes including, but not limited to, Harrison Ford leaving Anne Heche. I’m sure he left her at
some point in that movie. – The spirit of “Casablanca”
perhaps but not the full work so I can’t give you the point
for that one, unfortunately. (bell dings) Yes, Shane. – Um, actually the Madonna
and Ashton Kutcher remake was for the early ’90s. – No. I was about to say it
wouldn’t be that picky but we might be that picky but that is not what we’re doing here, no. – Okay. (bell dings) Um, actually it was supposed to star Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher? – Incorrect, but interesting guess though. – Really interesting guess.
– Such a good guess. – I don’t wanna– Well, nevermind. You’re not supposed to say
bad things about celebrities. – Say bad things. Do whatever you want, Raph. I will let them tell me what I can’t say. – In my opinion, I don’t
want to see Madonna play a Ingrid Bergman role– – Why not? (laughter) And you don’t want to
see Ashton Kutcher play– – Oh, my God! I don’t want– Oh! (bell dings) Um, actually not Ashton Kutcher. Ashton Kutcher was not gonna be… – That was the plan.
– No he wasn’t gonna be… – Really? – Wow! – That’s shocking.
– This is remarkable! – And that didn’t come together. (laughter) – Who shot that down? What guardian angel destroyed that? – Who can we thank? – God wouldn’t let it happen. (laughter) – Well, sounds like we’re
floundering a little bit so I might just call it. The correction I’m looking for is that the play
“Everybody Comes to Rick’s” is, in fact, the play that
“Casablanca” was based on. So, the play precedes the movie. Not coming afterwards. All the other things are true. There were two TV
adaptations including one that never got off the ground. Well, no points for
that one, unfortunately. But we will keep this moving right along. – So, I’m in first place? – You’re all tied for first technically. (laughter) – So, I’m in first. – If no one scores anything, you all win which is a weird loophole to this game. (laughter) – Raph, please check after every question to make sure you’re still in first place. (laughter) – Here’s our second statement. Since the MPAA began rating films, the majority of Oscar
Best Picture nominees have been R-Rated films
like “Schindler’s List,” “Rain Man,” and “Midnight Cowboy.” But there have been some
PG and G winners too, like “Out of Africa,” “Annie Hall,” and “Driving Miss Daisy.” (bell dings) Shane. – Um, actually “Midnight Cowboy” was PG. – What?! (laughter) Holy shit, man! (laughter) – Wait, hold on.
– Oh my God. – Jon Voight’s dingle
rates way more than that. (laughter) – Now, I know that’s not right. (laughter) – So, here’s the thing, Shane. That is a ludicrous guess
but you have found the thing that’s wrong in this statement. So, I’ll give you the point unless someone can tell me
the specific correction. – Um, actually “Annie Hall” is PG-13. – Incorrect. – Fuck! (bell dings) – Um, actually “Driving
Miss Daisy” is PG-13 because children should
not be watching movies about driving. – Incorrect. Yeah, we don’t wanna teach ’em things before they’re ready for them. (laughter) The issue is, in fact,
with “Midnight Cowboy.” “Midnight Cowboy” was not rated R– – Oh, oh! (bell dings) Um, actually it was probably X. – That’s correct!
– That makes sense. That does make sense. – Check me out, mom! I got a point for answering a question about an X-rated movie! – That makes perfect sense. (laughter) – “Midnight Cowboy” was rated X. It’s the only film with an X
rating to ever win an Oscar and it doesn’t exist anymore so it will remain the only film
with an X to win that award. – That’s so hot. (laughter) – Is it still rated X
or did they retcon it and make it something else? – I don’t– – They didn’t make it PG, Shane! (laughter) – I knew I saw a PG version
of “Midnight Cowboy”! I know that! – Stop trying to make
“Midnight Cowboy” PG, Shane. (laughter) – My kids love cowboys, I
thought they should watch this thing. Well, that point will go to Grae. – Oh!
(high pitched ring) – [Mike] Scooping it from Shane. – Oh! – So, I’m in second place? – You’re now tied for second
place, that’s correct. – So, I’m in second. (laughter) – In the clutches of guessing. – Here’s our next statement. Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy consists of three spaghetti western
films: “A Fistful of Dollars,” “For a Few Dollars More,” and “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” The trilogy is also
sometimes referred to as “The Man with No Name Trilogy” because it stars Clint
Eastwood as the unnamed gunman. (bell dings) – Um, actually they’re
not all spaghetti westerns ’cause one wasn’t filmed in Italy. – That’s a great guess,
but that is incorrect. (Shane groaning) That’s the kind of
bullshit that we do here. (laughter) But that is not correct. (bell dings) Yeah. – Um, actually Clint Eastwood
is one of three people to win two Best Picture Oscars. – That is not a correction. You’re just adding information. – I gotta start answering
my own questions. I’m just gonna start
answering my own questions– – You can’t pull a politician here. You can’t answer the
question you want to answer. I have questions to ask here. (bell dings) Grae. – Um, actually he totally
has a name in those movies I just don’t know what it was. – That’s correct. (exclaiming) People call him “the Man
with No Name” blah blah blah but, in fact, he has three
separate names within that movie because Sergio Leone never intended them to be lumped together as a full series. They were intended to
be three separate movies but the themes are so strong, so similar, and Clint Eastwood is in all of them that they’re like, “Oh, this guy who has
three different names, those are just nicknames
and we actually don’t know what his real name is.” In case you’re wondering,
the three names given are “Joe,” “Manco,” and “Blondie.” And he’s even credited as
“Joe” in “Fistful of Dollars” so he has a name. It’s just all marketing to
make you think he has no name. – That’s why Lee Van Cleef
is two different characters. (laughter) I was confused. – Well, that point– Who was that point? Was that Shane or Grae? – I lost track of it.
– I mean… – Grae, yes.
(high pitched ring) – Absolutely Grae’s point. – Very good, here’s our next statement. War is hell and/or Disney. In “Saving Private Ryan,” a
German soldier gets the nickname “Steamboat Willie” by his American captors after he references the Mickey
Mouse short of the same name. In “Inglourious Basterds,” a
scene from the Oscar-winning Donald Duck cartoon “Der Fuehrer’s Face” is recreated in live action. And in “Full Metal
Jacket,” the film concludes with marines marching along while singing the Mickey Mouse Club anthem. (bell dings) Grae. – Um, actually I can’t
imagine anyone marching singing a Mickey Mouse theme in a movie. I can’t imagine that’d be cleared. – That is incorrect. – No kidding. Get outta here. – Yeah, that scene does
exist within that movie. (bell dings) Yeah, Shane. – Um, actually “Inglourious
Basterds” did not show the Donald Duck cartoon. It was a made up movie. – You are clearly guessing
but you are basically correct in that we fully invented the
idea of “Der Fuehrer’s Face” being featured in that movie. It doesn’t appear at all but
the other two Disney references in war movies are correct. – Whoa! – Well, that point will go to Shane despite clearly guessing his
way into that, but that’s fine. Sometimes that’s how this game works. – If that’s how you play it,
that’s how you gotta play it. – Nicely done. – Raph, you are in third place. – Hmm? (laughter) So, it’s still bronze. So, I medaled. (laughter) – Alright, well this will
bring us to our first Shiny Question of the game. (chiming) (jazzy music) The Shiny Questions are
just a little bit different and a little bit rarer but, you know, it’s still worth
the same number of points. We’ve played this game
before on this show called A Book by Its Cover where
we’ll show a cover of a book and remove the title and author and ask people to identify
it based only on the cover. We’re gonna do a variation on that here. This is A Movie by Its Poster. So, on the other side of this
board you will see the arch for a movie poster but the
title has been removed. It’s up to you to– You draw, write right onto
it, write as many movie titles as you can identify. Whoever can identify the most movie titles will get the one point for this question. Alright, go ahead an flip those over. Let’s take a look at those movie posters. – [Raph] Okay. Whoa. (suspenseful music) – I’m locked in.
– You’re what?! – [Mike] Raph, hurry up. (laughter) – Okay. I mean, I have nothing. – So, Raph, why don’t you
tell us your answers here. – My answers were “Doctor
Strangelove,” “Chinatown,” “Brazil,” “Malcolm X,” Movie Town? (laughter) – I love Movie Town.
– Oh my God. I wish that movie had been called that. (laughter) – “Forget it, Jake.” (laughter) “It’s Movie Town.” – “Amadeus,” “The Affair,”
“Moonlight,” and “Being There.” – Alright, Grae let’s see what you got. – Alright. So, I got “Doctor
Strangelove,” “Chinatown,” I put “Brazil,” “Malcolm X,” “Metropolis,” is actually
my answer to Movie Town. – Okay, but what does metropolis mean? (laughter) – Point well-made, sir. “Amadeus,” I also just put
“Bad Lieutenant New Orleans” ’cause that looks like Harvey Keitel to me but it’s definitely not that movie. “Moonlight,” and “Being There.” – [Mike] Great. And then, Shane, what do you have? – I have “Doctor
Strangelove,” “Chinatown,” I said “Dark City,” (laughter) “Malcolm X,” “Metropolis,” “Amadeus,” I said “Shakespeare in Love” for this one. (laughter) ‘Cause it’s the same poster. (laughs) Don’t tell me it’s not the same poster. “Moonlight,” and then for the last one I just said “Mr. Magoo.” (laughter) It looks like him. – This is after he falls off the girder. (laughter) “Oh, you’ve done it again.” – I have so many nouns
and adjectives in my head for that one that looks– – [Mike] Yes. – And I’m like unbearable
lightness of something or other? – So, yeah we’ll go through these. Shane, you have six correct. Raph, you have seven correct. And Grae, you have all
but one of these correct. – Suck it! – You only got the… This one wrong. – Yeah, so the one that
everyone got wrong, this one down here, is “The Piano.” (groaning) – No wonder, I hate pianos. – And Raph you were
correct on this last one. That is “Being There.” You got that one correct and of course Movie Town is “Metropolis.” (overlapping chatter) – Oh, a movie that just gets scarier every time you watch it. – A little bit more real. Well, that point will go to Grae. (high pitched ring) And we will collect those boards. (chiming) Ooh, take two! We made a mistake and you caught it. Here’s some of our favorite corrections from you, the viewers. @whatsEJstandfor says, “Um, actually, abbreviations
like DPS and MMORPG aren’t acronyms; they’re initialisms. Acronyms are abbreviations that are pronounceable as
words like SCUBA and TASER.” Well, @whatsEJstandfor okay. And from the Dropout
Discord, Mathgeek says, “Um, Actually – AT-AT
is pronounced “AT AT”, and it rhymes with “HAT HAT”,
as per the show writers.” Well, Mathgeek I’m
gonna give you the point even though I don’t think that
creates a good parallelism with A-T-S-T. Frostburner says, “Um actually, Lift only
eats nine pancakes. The 10th is a metaphorical
pancake as an offering.” Storms, you’re right! (chiming) Well, we will now go back to our regular ole Um, Actually questions. Back into the world of you
must precede with Um, Actually and all that. Here we go. Here’s a real shitty one. – Uh oh.
– Great. – The titular statuette
from “The Maltese Falcon” is fictional, but that
doesn’t make it worthless. The prop that appeared on screen
as the real Maltese Falcon sold at an auction for
a total of $4.1 million making it one of the most
expensive movie props ever. And to think The Fat Man
paid Sam Spade only 10 grand for it in the movie! (bell dings) Grae. – Um, actually it was a movie prop and there’s no possible way
it could’ve been four million. – Incorrect the movie
prop did, in fact, sell for $4.1 million. – Oh, that person got taken for a ride. (laughter)
(bell dings) – [Mike] Shane. – Um, actually it’s not
one of the most expensive movie props ever sold. – Thankfully, it is. (laughter) I don’t know what would go for more than– – I can think of a few that
are a bit more expensive. – [Mike] Uh-huh. – Um, actually it’s not
the real Maltese Falcon. – That’s correct. (laughs) (Grae groaning) – That’s insane. – In the movie itself, we don’t ever see the real Maltese Falcon
because it’s revealed to be a fake at the end. So, it is incorrect to say we
see the real Maltese Falcon in the movie. – Yeah! – Nice, and you were right. – Shitty.
– It’s a shitty question. (laughter) It’s a real parse the
words there kind of thing but that point will go to Raph. (high pitched ring) Great, we’ll move on to
our next question here. It’s hard to win Best
Picture no matter what but some things really
stack the odds against you. The last movie classified as comedy, as opposed to dramedy, that won best picture
was “Annie Hall” in 1977. Despite “Roma” being nominated in 2019 the last black and white film
to win was “Schindler’s List,” aside from a little bit of red in it. And “Wings” is the only film
to win that wasn’t a “talkie.” (bell dings) – Um, actually the last
black and white film to win was “The Artist.” – That is correct and a
point of fact you might say that the last black and white
film, non-talkie, and comedy to win was all “The Artist.” “The Artist” is the answer
to all those questions. – Yes! Did you see that dog? – Hmm? – That dog is hilarious. – A very good boy. – It wasn’t just one dog, you guys. (laughter) – They killed many dogs on that set. They had to cycle a lot of dogs in. Come on, it’s movie magic. (laughter) “The Artist” got a lot
of hate when it was out. I do admit to liking it a fair amount. – Me too! Nah, I like it too. I loved it. – And also it was no
surprise that it would win because Hollywood loves giving awards to movies about Hollywood. So, it’s like… – It’s relateable. – Um, actually “The Artist”
is not about movies. It’s about getting older
and being out of touch. – Boo!
– Boo! (laughter) Raph pulls out his thesis paper. (laughter) – “And About Murdering Dogs.” – “An Exploration of the
Dogs and Growing Older, “The Artist”” a paper by Raphael Chestang. – “A paper by…” (laughs) (laughter) – And that point will go to Shane. – Yeah!
(high pitched ring) – Here’s our next statement. It’s amazing how much a single line from a film can stick with us. Here are a few classic quotes and the movies they originate from. “Casablanca” had “Here’s
looking at you, kid.” “Sudden Impact” had “Go
ahead, make my day.” “Raging Bull” had– – No! (bell dings) – Um, actually “Go ahead, make my day” is definitely not from “Sudden Impact.” – It is. Isn’t that weird? – No, that’s from Dirty Harry. – It’s not the famous
movie that it’s from. – That’s Dirty Harry. – Do you mean to tell me
that Dirty Harry ripped off somebody else for that quote? ‘Cause that is not even a great quote. – That was a sequel, right? – [Mike Fact Checker] “Sudden
Impact” stars Dirty Harry. He’s the– – Oh, that’s what the movie’s called? – [Mike Fact Checker] Yeah. – Alright. (laughter) – I’ll allow it. (laughter) – But you’re on thin ice, counselor. – What! – I like Raph starting
by just shouting, “No!” – [Mike] No, wrong. Don’t do this to me. – I vote that we change
the mechanics of the game to just be “No!” – Here are a few classic quotes and the movies they originate from. “Casablanca” had “Here’s
looking at you, kid.” “Sudden Impact” had (laughs)
“Go ahead, make my day.” “Raging Bull” had “I could
have been a contender.” – No!
(bell dings) (laughter) No. – There’s so much yelling! – Now, that one is wrong. Take it away, Shane. – Um, actually “I could
have been a contender” is from “On the Waterfront.” – That’s correct. Though, “Raging Bull” does
have a scene at the end in which they quote extensively
from that same piece from “On the Waterfront.” It originates from “On the Waterfront.” That point will go to Shane although Raph clearly knew it by his outraged outburst of, “No!” (laughter) Well, that will bring us
to our next Shiny Question. (chiming) (jazzy music) This is a game that we’re
calling 21 Jump Streep. (laughter) – Hell yeah! – Now, Meryl Streep has
received 21 nominations for best actress or supporting actress but she’s only won three times. On the other side, you’re gonna see a list of all of her nominations. I want you to identify the three
that have gotten the point. (groaning) That she’s actually won for. So, whoever can identify
the three winning things will get the point. And so if you get all three
I’ll give you the point and I’ll say if no one gets all three whoever can name the most
correct ones will get the point. Cool, let’s take a look at these Streeps. It’s Streep Alert. Streep Alert here. – Streep Alert! (mimicking air horn) Streep Alert! – [Mike] Look a all these– – [Raph] Feasting on flesh. (laughter) (suspenseful music) – Feel like I know which ones that she definitely would– – Locked.
– Shane, you’re locked in? You locked your answers in? – This is extremely difficult. – Yeah, she’s very talented. (laughter) – I’m locked. – I’m not happy about it.
– Alright, you’re locked. Everyone’s locked and unhappy. Just the way we should be. Alright, same as before but
take a look at your answers and then we’re gonna
throw the correct answers up on the screen here. – Okay. – [Mike] So, tell us which ones
you’re choosing here, Raph. – [Raph] So, I said “Out of Africa,” “The Bridges of Madison
County,” and “Julie and Julia.” That’s what I said. – Grae, what are your answers here. – [Grae] So, I put “Sophie’s Choice.” I also put “Postcards from the Edge,” and then I put “Iron Lady” ’cause, man, she was really
great, like, notably great in that and I don’t think
it won any other awards if anything. – Alright, Shane. What’d you say? – Alright. I said “Kramer vs Kramer,”
“Sophie’s Choice,” and I said “August Osage County.” – God, she was great in that too. – You know what? She probably won for that. – Let’s take a look at which ones she won. “Kramer vs Kramer,” “Sophie’s
Choice,” and “The Iron Lady”– – She did win in “Kramer vs Kramer!” – She did. – So, Shane you’ve
identified two of those. Grae, you also have two and Raph I don’t think
you got any of these. So… – Well, she should’ve won! She should have! – Well, we’re not arguing that. So, one point for each
of you for this one. (clapping)
– High five. – [Mike] And we’ll collect those cards. (chiming) You know, even the best
movies sometimes have mistakes and continuity errors. For example, this wasn’t
the tie I was wearing a second ago. If you noticed other
mistakes that we made, you can correct us by
tweeting @UmActuallyShow or by going to the Dropout
Discord and correcting us in the #um-actually-corrections channel. If we like your correction,
we might feature it in a future episode. (chiming) We’re back to our regular ole
Um, Actually questions, here. And here’s the next one. The Academy Award for Best
Picture has been awarded 91 times and 10 of those times have
gone to movie musicals. Specifically “Chicago,”
“Gigi,” “An American in Paris,” “Going My Way,” “The Great
Ziegfeld,” “Oliver!,” “La La Land,” “The Sound of Music,”– (bell dings) Yes? – Um, actually “La La Land” didn’t win. They mistakenly (laughs) said that it won and then took it back and
gave it to “Moonlight.” – That is correct. – What a great moment that was. – Some people were very angry about that and I was like, “This is incredible. This is
just an incredible moment!” Yeah. – It made me glad that I
actually watched the Oscars. – Yeah. (laughs)
– Yes. – It was a moment in history. – I know that this is a hack joke but every year I think it will only be funnier if they say the best picture
is “La La Land” again. – [Grae] Totally. – Every year that goes
by I say just do it. Just say it’s “La La Land.” I know it’s an old joke but in my mind it just gets funnier the more time passes. – Yes. – [Mike] If they did it every year, I would laugh every single year. (laughter) – I second that. – So, please. (laughter) This should go up around the
time of the Oscars next year. – [Raph] Oh, nice. – You probably already
locked in your votes but you’re still planning the ceremony. If anyone from The Academy is
watching this, any presenters, please say “La La Land”
has won Best Picture again. You’ll make me, personally, very happy. – Giggle with delight. (laughter) – Well, that point will go to Shane. (high pitched ring) Critics have pointed out that
Orson Welles’s legendary film “Citizen Kane” has a glaring plot hole. The entire plot is spurred
by newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane’s
last word, “Rosebud.” However, when he says this, he is depicted as completely alone on his deathbed; there is no one around to hear it, and thus the entire story
should never have happened! Whoops. – I agree with all of that. (bell dings) – [Mike] (laughs) Yes, Shane. – Um, actually there is somebody around. Somebody who rushes in to get his body. – [Grae] “What happened?” “What did you say?” – “I heard something from the other room.” – Once again, Shane,
you’re sort of stumbling your way through into this. So, here’s what I’ll do. I’m going to say– So, there’s a couple things going here. There is someone who
rushes into the scene. There’s a nurse, but it’s after
he’s already said the thing but there is someone who, in
the film, explicitly says, “I was in the room.” So, I will give you the point unless someone can tell
me who that person is. (bell dings) – It was… Do I have to name the person? It’s the dude where he
tells the story about a girl and he goes, “Not a month has gone by I
haven’t thought about that girl.” (laughter) And he’s got glasses on and– – Raph I don’t have any of these details written on this card. I can’t tell you whether
or not you’re right. – It wasn’t Joseph
Cotten but it’s the dude. He’s like, “I was in the room (mumbles) and I’ll show you
everything about Xanadu.” (laughter) You know, that guy. – Raph, I don’t have enough
information to tell you whether or not you’re
describing the right person. – Exactly! – But if it turns out you are,
I will give you the point. – [Mike Fact Checker] I’m
not having an easy time. – Well, here’s what I’ll do. For right now I’m gonna give it to Shane. If we find out that you are, in fact, describing the right person, I will take that point away
from Shane and give it to you. It is Kane’s butler who is in the room and when he’s being
interviewed by the reporters he explicitly says, “I was in the room.” We don’t, in fact, see him in that scene so that is true but we
can take a little bit of a sort of like, well just
’cause we didn’t see him on film. He said he was there. We can just trust that maybe he was there and just not captured on camera. – [Mike Fact Checker] I
don’t think that’s what he– From what I’m seeing, he does
not look like the description of the person that I am seeing on screen. – Raph did not do an
impression of the butler. – [Mike Fact Checker] There’s
no glasses for one thing. – Oh, no glasses?
– No glasses. – Alright, yeah it’s not him then. – Does anyone say the lines
resembling what Raph said. “I remember it like it was yesterday.” – “Not a month has gone by
I haven’t thought about”– – [Grae] Wait. Please, in character. – “Not a month has”– – Oh oh oh! “Not a month has gone by I
haven’t thought about that girl.” – [Mike Fact Checker] Okay, wait. I see the guy you’re talking about. Hold on. – [Raph] Hell yeah! – Was he in the room? (laughter) – [Mike Fact Checker]
That was Mr. Bernstein. He was incorrect. (laughter) – That’s Mr. Bernstein, you idiot! (laughter) – That was some amazing fact-checking. (laughter) – Very good fact-checking. – [Mike] Well, that point will go to Shane but we all learned a lot
about “Citizen Kane.” (laughter) This will bring us to
the last Shiny Question of the game, here. (chiming) (jazzy music) This is a game called Needs More Pixels. So, we’ve taken an iconic shot from film and we’ve pixelated it all to hell. There are, in fact, four
levels of pixelation here, maybe five. So, the way this game’s gonna work is you’re gonna get one guess. You’re gonna see the pixelated image. You can choose to either buzz in and guess what the image
is, what movie it’s from or you can choose to pass. If everyone passes we’ll
move to the next level of clarity. So, if everyone else uses up their guess and you’re the only one left, you’ll get one more level of clarity but then you have to guess on that level. – Mmm.
– Got it. – Cool. So, let’s take a look at this image. What movie is this from? (laughter) – [Raph] Mmm. – I see a person. – There’s a lot of gray. – “I remember like it was yesterday.” – It could be a movie with Casey Affleck. (laughter) – Oh, that looks just like Casey Affleck. – Yeah, a blockhead.
– I mean there’s a lot of– (laughter) – “Yeah, a blockhead.” – Take that, Affleck. – Hell, yeah! – I’m passing on this one.
– I pass. – Passing, Shane?
– Pass. – Alright, let’s move
one level of clarity. – [Raph] (laughs) Excellent. – Oh!
(bell dings) – Yes, Shane? – Um, actually, don’t
know if I need to say it, this is “North by Northwest.” – This is “North by Northwest.” (exclaiming) – Oh my God, he’s right!
– Take a look at it. (laughter)
– It’s the plane! – [Raph] Wow! Wow! – Oh, God. – Wow, you earned that one. – My goodness!
– Point goes to Shane. – How the hell? – I almost shit myself,
that was so beautiful. – Remember when we all
thought it was Casey Affleck? (laughter) That was crazy! – We will move on to our last
question of the game, here. This is out last statement. So, Shane you’ve pretty much clinched it. However, our last question
always concerns real life skills so nothing to do with general nerd stuff. Just something that you might
feel a little good about actually knowing about the real world. – Ooh. – So, perhaps the most valuable point even though it’s still
only worth one point. (arcade-like ringing) – Here we go. Movies get us to believe a
lot of things that aren’t true but they can also teach us
important things about the world. Thanks to film and TV most people know that they
have a right to an attorney, the right to a phone call from jail, and that questions asked
during interrogation are only permissible in
court if a Miranda warning has been issued before interrogation. (bell dings) – Um, actually are they
referred to specifically as Miranda rights? – The Miranda rights, Miranda warnings they’re used interchangeably, yeah. (bell dings) – Um, actually it is permissible. – [Mike] What? (laughter) – No! – Well, if you say, “I’ve killed someone,” before you get read your Miranda rights they can still use it in court. – Now, that is true. This is a little bit of
a trickiness of wording. I specifically used
the word interrogation. – Oh. – Things you say are admissible, you have the right to remain silent, but if you enter an official interrogation you have to be read
your rights beforehand. (bell dings) Yes, Shane. – Um, actually the right
to a phone call isn’t– You can have as many
phone calls as you want. (laughter) – “I’m going to Shane’s jail.” – Call your mom…
– If I ever… Shane’s jail. – Just yacking it up.
– Come to my jail. You get as many phone calls as you want. – Well, Shane once again you’ve
hit the thing that’s wrong but you’ve answered
with a ludicrous guess. (laughter) – Um, actually it’s not
actually guaranteed. – Yes, that’s the more logical thing. You’ve clinched the win anyway
so I’ll give you the point. (high pitched ring)
– Give it, yeah! – But yeah you have no
right to a phone call. – What? – Yeah, it’s not a right. You do have a right to an attorney so sometimes those can
get a little conflated because you might need
to contact your attorney but it’s not like, “You
get one phone call. You can use”– It’s not like a phone-a-friend
where it’s like, “Yeah, you can call whoever you want. You get one phone call.” They can choose to be like,
“No, you don’t get anything. Deal with it.” – Oh my God. I actually didn’t know that. – Yeah.
– Yeah, me neither. – Oh no. – Well, that is it for this episode. Our final score here is– – I don’t think we gotta read ’em. – Raph is coming home with the bronze. (laughter) – The bronze medal.
(Raph cheering) And that makes Shane our
winner for this episode. (cheering) – Earned it. Ooh, earned it! – Thank you all so much
for playing with us though. And thank you for watching. Join us next time for even
more pedantic corrections, here on Um, Actually. Goodbye! (jazzy trumpet music) That’s it for this
preview of Um, Actually. If you enjoyed it, I have good news. There’s a lot more of it over on Dropout. Go to and start
your free trial today. And fun fact: I’m not
wearing any pants right now.

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