Vivint Scholarship – Spring 2017 – Winner

Really? At 60 percent battery my phone dies again. I hate technology. Who are you? I’m your voice of reason. You say you hate
technology, then let’s see what your life would look like if you didn’t have any. Um, where’s my phone? It’s gone. So how exactly do you plan to cancel your coffee date with Jenny in 30 minutes? You can’t call or text now, and a letter
would never get there in time. Why would I cancel? Well I think a home robbery is a good enough excuse. Well, I have Vivint home security so I really doubt that… Hey, come back here! No technology, no home security systems. If you still had your alarm the burglar would have tripped it and probably left before stealing anything. Hey, aren’t you supposed to defrost dinner before your mother gets home? Don’t worry, I’ll defrost the meatballs in the microwave… Still frozen. Well, if you had technology… OK, I get it, voice of reason, technology enhances every part of my life from communication to safety to food preparation– technology may present some issues but the benefits of convenience and safety far outweigh the cons. Then my work here is done! You can have all of your technology back. But before I go can you make me microwave popcorn?

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