We’re Going Streaking! – Old School (3/9) Movie CLIP (2003) HD

We’re going streaking! [microphone squeals] [screams and groans] I’m sorry. We’re going streaking
through the quad And into the gymnasium. Come on, everybody! Come on, snoop!
Snoop-a-loop! Snoop! No, it’s cool.
I’m cool. Bring your green hat.
Let’s go. Come on, everybody.
We’re going! Here we go! [ snoop dogg: ]
man, man.
Put the music back on. Let’s get the party
back cracking up in here. [crowd cheers] Whoo! Come on! We’re streaking.
Come on! Come on, every…
We’re… Come on! Whoo! Whoo! We’re streaking.
We’re streaking! Whooo! Come on! [ woman: ]
oh, tell her! Marissa, I totally forgot.
I know it’s a little belated, But we got you the perfect
wedding present! Come on, you guys. I told you, you don’t
have to get me anything.
No, no. Our friend ashley
had this guy come over And teach a blow job class. Oh, my god.
It was incredible. A class?
He’s really good. We had to book him
way in advance. Why should I
go to a class? Bernard should be the one
going to a class. I swear, the man
is orally challenged. Wait a second,
is that guy… [man whooping] Oh, my god. That’s disgusting! Why am I looking at that? Why are you slowing down? Just drive, go.
[horns honking] Frank? No way. Frank! Hey, honey. What the hell
are you doing? We’re streaking. We’re going up through
the quad to the gymnasium. Who’s streaking? There’s more coming. Frank, get in the car. Everybody’s doing it. Now!

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