– I’m scared.
I’m super scared. I’m scared because I know
exactly what happens this month every year. Every year. For the rest of time or actually
not the rest of time hopefully this will end soon but I’m
scared, I’m scared because I know that there are so many of
you that graduate this month and have no fucking idea
what you want to do. And that’s okay. Most people don’t. We should not be
stressed about that. I’m actually not
scared about that. I’m scared that you don’t
realize that you’re entering the greatest five-year
window of your life. If you are 22 years old and
graduating from college, shit if you’re 22 years old and
not graduating from college, if you are 22 years old you are
entering, first of all, some of the greatest years of your life,
A, but B, this is the moment, watch this video twice. If momma’s watching this,
send this to your daughter Sally right now because you have to
understand this next five-year window is when you don’t
go practical and safe. This is not the time to get
the job mom wanted you to. This is not the time to try to
maximize as much money so you can buy a fat whip. This is a time to realize that
you have a five-year window and it’s three for some it’s
eight for others but this is a five-year window for you to
attack the life that you want to win not because it’s “The
Secret” or ’cause the world’s so Zen ’cause it’s fucking
hard as shit out there. As a matter of fact, I’m
probably more scared of than your naïveté to hard it is. Class is easy. What you been doing for
the last 16 years is easy. It’s a fucking bullshit game.
It’s structured, it’s easy. The world, this thing.
This thing is hard. However that contradicts what
I’m going to tell you right now which is this is the best and
easiest five years of your life because this is when you need
to attack what you love and what you want to.
Here’s why. You don’t have all the baggage. You may have college loans,
respect it’s hard as shit. You may have the
expectations of your parents. Mentally hard, fake hard. You may have a lot of other
things but this is exactly when you can live with four
roommates in a basement and eat fucking fast food.
Do you understand? This is not when
the baby’s there. Some of you have babies. This is not when you’ve
been married and you promised. This is not when the
world has sucked out all your dreams and hopes yet. You’ve still got this window and
yet so many of you are so hungry for short-term gains. Maximizing the job that paid you
$3000 more but it’s not as fun but you want the $3000. For what?
For what? For a new iPhone?
For what? You get to live life one time
and this is the time right now to understand what’s actually
happening and actually map your behavior to something
that will impact you for the next 80 years. So promise me, promise me all
you youngsters that are watching this right now in the fucking
comments, ’cause I’ll jump in and talk to you, promise me that
you understand that the land grab of happiness
starts right now. That you don’t have to
worry about getting that job. What you should do is
go and travel and learn. Go and start that business
that you’ve always wanted. Hook up with those three
teammates and start that band you’ve always wanted. This is the time massively
risk, massively risk oriented. I know that this is what is was
a grow up and go see the world but guess what, the world isn’t
what mommy and daddy told you. The world is exactly going to
be what it’s going to be with or without the way you
thought is gonna be. A ton go shit is
going to change. The world changes
every god damn day. Right now what you need to
recognize is you can afford to. And not all of you I’m sure. Some of you will leave a
comment and say I’ve got a loan. I get it, respect. But that loan is going to be
there whether you go and try to and build something for yourself
or not one way or the other. And by the way, you
can work at night. This is when you put in the 18
hours a day to make your life that you want happen. And again ’cause I’m scared I
can hear myself fucking talking I’m not saying it’s “The
Secret,” its practicality. When you are in your early 20s
this is when you can grind at your highest levels ’cause
there isn’t all the fucking baggage that comes
across with life. It’s harder for the 42-year-olds
that are watching right now to listen to this advice. You just can’t wake up tomorrow
and be like “Let’s go,” ’cause little Sally has
soccer fucking practice. And because you got 1 million
other things that are holding you down. But boy, if you’re lucky enough
to be graduating today with not a fucking idea of what you’re
going to do with your future nobody’s ever been
luckier than you. Please recognize it.


  1. Hi, I’m 32 and I can’t get back those my twenties but can I take risk now? Please advise. I don’t wanna do this 9-5 fucks anymore

  2. I am 30
    Freelancing with little to no work lately

    Believe Gary….you have such a chance…and I know I do too. I make little to no money lately because I still do what I love when I do.

    My task is to keep networking and being consistent. Move country if i have to, to get more work doing what I love. And that's exactly what I will be doing. Moving back to the UK this year because Australia has little work for me…

  3. I'm 28, have a job that I don't like, going through depression and anxiety and I feel like I've already wasted the best years of my life. Wish I'd seen this video when I was 20.

  4. I’d rather be a part of a revolution to eat the rich rather than play the unfair game of crony capitalism we live in today.

  5. I have an uncle who turns 50 this year. He's got no debt, no kids, hell not even a fucking girlfriend tying him down. Dude has been playing it so so safe since he graduated college and has saved nearly every penny since he started working. I wouldn't be surprised if he's got $1mm+ saved up by now. You know what my uncle has never done? Traveled. Lived life. Experienced what it's been like to dream. Spoken to that someone he was too afraid to talk to. Taken any risk. My uncle is one of the saddest people I know, and honestly he's hard to talk to.

    Not only do I feel motivated by this video, but I feel motivated by direct life experience from my uncle. I know how I don't want to end up, and I've got a few goals in mind for where I want to end up in my life. I know they're going to be hard to attain, I know life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. I'm expecting shit to hit me hard, in fact I want it to. You know the saying "nothing worth doing is easy" or some shit like that? That's what I want my life to be like. That's where I feel I'm going to get the most satisfaction out of life. Alright, enough blabbing on YouTube. Time to go put in some work.

  6. I want to be a rockstar and play music for a living. I called a bar or two and am performing this year! My first gig is January 31st! I’m 20 and I’m going to make my dream happen! Thank you Mr. Gary Vee!

  7. As a red pilled man I completely disagree with this video. This is such a FOMO video and all it will do is make young people anxious. My 20s were horrible. My 30s are now much better. Research something called your 'sexual market value'. I am attracting hundreds more times of much much hotter women than I have done before. You should not start a business straight after school/college. You need to get at least 2/3 years of experience in some field that has growth potential. Or get a trade. Then you should never stop taking calculated risks right into your 50s/60s. Men don't have the pressure (biological clock) to get married like women do. We can have healthy kids well into our 50s/60s. Don't listen to this feminist society telling you that you should get married before 30. Yes women should get married before 30, but not men. Men increase their value as they age, women are born with high value but loose it with age. Do not cash in your chips early. Watch the YouTube channels: farfromaverage, coach red pill, The33secrets and Alpha male strategies. For women watch mindful attraction 2.0 and read the book 'Lady' by Roosh V. Men can fcuk up their life multiple times well into their 50s and still pull it together at the last minute. Women have it easy but they only have one shot. Don't fcuk it up!! Ps Be able to work at your best by following Dr Berg YouTube channel. No bullshit 👍

  8. Exactly.. Every single word of you Hit me harder.. Its Feels light after watching this Video.. THANKS ALOT!

  9. I love your unwavering energy and invincible personality. I follow your words and see the world through yours as well as my experiences and you know what, problem solved!!😄

  10. It's weird that im seeing this now bc im 22 and in a risky situation. I could've been safe an gone to college but watching this makes me feel like i am on the right path ✨

  11. I watched this video 4 years ago and now I’m 18, turning 19 in October. If you’re in high school right now, I would recommend you really really get to know YOURSELF. I knew I couldn’t go back to school right away so I took a year off and it has only reignited my passion for additional education. There are MANY people my age in programs they hate because they rushed into it.

  12. I want you to see me at my worst Gary. I'm going to change the world i don't know how but I've been through Alot not to give myself that type of selfishness.

  13. Doing a 8 to 5 job everyday and starting my clothing line at night. I stop at 2am. I feel tired a lot, but do you guys think 8 hours of sleep is good? 🙂
    I should plan my stuff better so i can go to sleep a little earlier… 😎 whats your shot on this!?

  14. A lil late but thank you Gary. I got 1 more year of school and you point out the truth. I dont have much to be responsible for, other than myself. Thank you Gary. Peace

  15. This message hit me 3 years ago and changed my life so far. Told my parents that I will go my own way and educate with books, seminars, online courses and mentors rather than university. If I settle down on the job opportunity I would have right now due to this adventure I would have been better than any other option. Follow your heart, follow your intuition.

  16. i graduated july 2019, am turning 24 next Feb 2020 and i have no idea what to do EVEN after watching your video. I have 2 bachelor degrees in IT and Marketing but I am currently working 2 jobs as a fitness instructor and a teacher . I am making savings, learning new stuff, helping people and having fun with it all. But i am always anxious because i have always wanted to be a business woman at young age, publish a book and own a marketing company . I am also an athlete and certified FT. what should i be doing??

  17. i jsut resigned from the mudane job which which i got inv college just 6 months experience becauase i realised this is not what i want i really felt free..

  18. I want to try something but I don’t know what to do. I’m motivated to take the risk but I need to find what to do at this age.

  19. I love that and I also try to make people realize that they have time to make things happen if they start practicing now

  20. wow fuck. you grab my attention 10x and maintain it more than the motivational gurus i follow on yt do, combined. thank u luv u

  21. This video was the first time I saw a video from Gary (20-25 Dec 2019) and from that moment it pretty much changed my mentality. It's real and this video was the cause, the catalyst.
    This video has extra value for me.

  22. New to this channel but already obsessed. Killing on social media in my niche and living with four roommates, eating cheap and hungrily chasing my fucking dreams. Let’s go

  23. Bro' Im a 26 year old guy and still working on my long-term income/wealth. Not because I was late but because of surviving war which wasted five years of my life as many more. As you said" dont work for the three thousands a monrh". Understanding life comes first in order to be successful. Cheers!

  24. I'm turning 22 this year 2020 May. I've a job offer as Content Marketing Executive at an entrepreneur company. I'm going to work hard because this what I like to do. I like to be creative and work on strategies. This is what I wished for, for the moment. This is not exactly my dream job.

    Honestly, i have no idea what I want to do with my life yet. But for now, at least for two years, I know what i wanna do and i've got it. The pay is also decent. I'll be moving out by the end of year. My life seems to be getting together.

    I know a lot of challenges await me. I'm ready for them. Girls and boys my age, work hard consistently and send positive energy into the universe. The Universe will reward you in most unexpected ways.

    Btw, I started working since 18; as cafe assistant, yoga house assistant manager, content writer, digital marketer and so so. If I didn't like the job, if i didn't feel like i belong, i fucking quit. But i never quit trying for another job. Now I get the pay I want and working at a position I like. Work hard consistently. That's the most important thing. Girls be the girl who can afford to buy her own diamond ring. But honestly I'd rather invest in myself by educating further rather than buy a diamond ring. 🙏👏🤛

  25. I am graduating as an architect this year, Decided to get a job in chandigarh city near my village and study to crack some government exam for getting a job, but after watching this video I decide to work in biger city like delhi, Mumbai and work on my dream of producing prefabricated buildings, houses in India, want to build a firm that can give any client there dream house or office building in one week. Need advice for my career.

  26. Solid video! I get what you're saying. What do you do when you just feel like you're surviving because your job takes to much energy but it isn't satisfying? Thanks!

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