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Hi, love. I’m eunice, and I’m back so let me ask you guys a question What’s the first thing you think of when you think about Korea is a kop is a kdrama or is it a beauty? Well anyways, I don’t no if this word rings the bell But do you know what thoma means it actually means baby faces so many Koreans actually hear that they look really younger than they really are like a mid guess how old I am oh I’m actually 32 Korean age so I’m 32 actually I guess American age, but can you believe it? I’m 32 yes, I am [well] anyways [others] deliveries also. They look super super younger than their real age like for example, Kimmy I guess how old Kimmy is 51 years old can you believe that surety in her 50 she was amazing young yay? She is 47 years old happy one she’s one of my favorite actresses because she’s a such a good actress she is 40 and your part now some dava is one of my favorites to guess how old she is you will not believe it 34 and some Siwon Oppa is 42 Years Old and One thing Oppa is 41 years old and that is amazing [as] you’ve seen there are so many people in Korea That looks younger than they really are so aren’t you curious? What their secrets are don’t go anywhere? but keep watching until the very end because we’re going to be introducing the Secret to have to get that baby face and a secret ingredient how to get that baby face and a special massage that can help you to stay looking young let me tell you the four factors Beyond what cause of age the first one is Uv rays Uv exposure is the Direct cost of aging and if your skin is exposed to the UV rays for a long time Actually the production of Collagen in our dermis Decreases and this actually makes the skin thinner and this causes changes in the elastic fibers of our skin so this actually causes a decrease of the Elasticity of our skin and also it will lead to wrinkles later on so number two is free radicals created from Ourselves cutaneous fat in our body [free] radicals actually Damages ourselves and plays a huge role [in] protecting our body’s aging so moving on to the [third] factor is Dry skin so as you age less Sabian is produced and less of them is produced as you age So the rate of aging actually just accelerates as you age because basically less [cybil] is produced Causing dryness due to lower level of moisture in our skin number four is lifestyle So I know that a lot [of] things in our lifestyles can cause aging really fast But smoking in particular can really cause and speed up the process [of] our skin aging So very interestingly when we do [those] when we blow out the smoke. I guess when we smoke that motion can cause wrinkles When we do this it can actually lower level of oxygen around our mouth which can lead to the formation of wrinkles Now most importantly when should you start? Anti-aging, so there are a lot of you know our worst renders that always add when should I start anti-aging? [I] know that many of you guys are curious And you guys should be that’s a good question that you guys should ask yourself now in Korea there’s a saying that says you can lie about your age, but Your skin can not lie so basically what it means that the years that you have lived I mean, you can lie about your age or your skin It will show but depending on how well you take care of your skin? how well you do anti-aging basically you can look five years or even ten years younger than However old [you’re] and while it’s true [that] Aging starts for most people when they’re 25 or mid-20s well It depends it might be different for every [single] person so it’s always good to prepare and prevents aging isn’t it So even for you guys in your tens or in your teens who feel like you want to start anti-aging Why don’t you start by using products that has vitamin C product or just really good ingredients for anti-aging in it so it’s very very important that [before] aging starts that you actually prevent it, so [anti] [aging] is crucial for those of you starting in your mid-20s, so even if you’re in your late 20s it’s not too late you can actually slow [down] the process of aging and Honestly no matter how old you are it really doesn’t matter. It’s never too late. Let’s slow down the process of aging together Now let me share some anti-aging tips that a lot of Koreans view to maintain their youthful beautiful face So the first one is of course Lifestyle the most important thing like we mentioned is to make sure that you apply some lotion every two or three hours [I] know that might sound hard, but please try to avoid negative effects like smoking drinking or lack of sleep or caffeine and the last one is really really hard because I love Eating it’s like one of my passions of life, and it’s true its effect But overeating can also cause aging so it’s good [to] get in the habit of Actually eating just a certain amount and making sure that when you feel the fullness in your stomach you say oh And just stop and then you eat when you’re hungry again So have smaller meals and you can eat more frequently so primarily number two is food now this is very important for anti-aging foods such as ginseng Anchovies being fruits vegetables are among the foods that Koreans actually eat to maintain Their youthful appearance ginseng and beans actually act as antioxidants Which not only helps with just anti aging, but it also helps with with cheapness So I regularly eat [ham] [hock] I love it, but it’s so expensive But I would eat that and it makes me less tired, and it’s a fact Anchovies are also very very great improve [ting] aging because They remove the active question that actually promotes the process of aging fresh fruits and vegetables [that] are really high in Vitamin a C and e and also in antioxidants are always great for [anti-aging] So I always try to keep you know seasonal fruits or seasonal Vegetables as my snack and take them around with me to eat cabbage and broccoli are among the main and those two are [my] favorites Too these are also anti-aging foods that actually helps to Detox the impurities that it’s just stuff deep within your body so I actually love eating cabbages and Broccoli and we cannot forget the Vitamin C vitamin C acts as an anti-aging antioxidant so we have some great products at wishtrend as many of you guys know it’s bywords [try] and [see] 21.5 Serum, and it’s the semi final maximizing cream And we made a really really short but very informative video that you guys might want to check out So if you want check right here, so will be also a third one is a surgical procedure And this is very important too because Korea is also very well known for plastic surgery or surgical procedures So lifting procedures actually enhance Collagen production which approves the appearance of fine [lines] and fine wrinkles by increasing skins elasticity but Depending on the case the [priestess] that you might have lost in the procedure may not look Even or even if it gets worse you might actually lose feeling at [that] place I got the procedure there are may be side effects So you always always have to be really extra careful [so] we really recommend that you actually keep the health of your skin rather than leaning on artificial or Surgical procedures all right so the fourth one is [massages] now. Just simply by tapping your face It actually stimulates the lymph nodes which helps prevent aging thanks to the flood Circulation and also massage is really help for elimination of [weights] Massaging muscles that are frequently used such as the V/line We call it the v/line the jawline or right here between your eyebrows or even your lap length I have a lot [of] these and areas around your mouth really help to prevent wrinkles Stay tuned until the very end because we’re going to be introducing [some] amazing massages that can help with anti aging Number five is of that ingredient so dermis found Under the skin protecting the epidermis. It’s crucial in the aging of the skin Collagen Elastin Honey ginseng hyaluronic acid are among some of the different ingredients and Components that are beneficial for the Dermis Collagen actually helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity Alaska maintains the skins resiliency ginseng one of my favorites nourishes and also acts as an antioxidant Honey Foods and also hyaluronic acid helps to maintain that moisture So to prevent aging it’s really important that you keep on taking care of your skin making sure that you keep on putting these increases on your face and Make sure that you are not with awesome now we’re going to be introducing one special ingredient from the five that we just Explained before next these products with the ingredients are going to really help for anti-aging [now] Let me introduce you to the ginseng [Sarah] and choosing met Ginseng is thought of as Korea’s a [number-one] best medicine Not only is it great for our health of course it also carries beneficial properties for our skin it Prevents aging like we mentioned many times it also helps with skins elasticity linkage the Lifespan of skin cells and it is an antioxidant [it] also helps to activate the skin and Prevent the skin cell from aging so I’m from chinjung line actually [our] products for anti-aging and they use Ginseng as the main ingredient as many of you guys know already. I’m from only uses trustworthy raw ingredients And they do not use harmful components now let me introduce you to a little bit of the product characteristics We want to recommend these products for those of you Who are in your 20? – in your 40s the time that the process of aging has begun and because these products are formulated with ingredients That are not commonly found in other products and also that have really strong effect So that’s why we want to recommend that you [use] them after testing them on the wrist area here or even behind your ears so the soft areas of your skin [so] that After you put on your skin if you’re fine then you’re good to go you can try on the product or If [this] [starts] turning a little bit red or starts itching of it It’s kind of telling you that your skin might not fit Well really well or it might be too strong for you, but first of all is the serum so it helps you nourish [try] and tools get from inside and out the antioxidant properties actually help to purify the specific skin from you know environmental issues or Environmental reasons or even build up impurities it also brightens and it just freshens up your skin complexion by improving your skin circulation ginseng extract adheres to the skin to Transform sagging skin into hydrated and elastic skin so now let me tell you the help to first what you’re going to do a after cleansing put a thin layer onto your face Just use appropriate amount and make [sure] that you follow your skin’s texture and Put it on your face number two After applying help the pharaoh absorb into the skin by gently placing the palms of the hands onto the face Now number two is a mask so very interestingly as We get a steam towel and put it on our face this mask will do the same effect for you It will help to open the pores and it will also Soften dead skin cells to naturally allow impurities to escape and filling in the skin with Nutrients where the impurities existed before the mass will work on both inside [and] out to make the skin look really luminous? Highly concentrated ginseng extract it works directly [on] [to] the skin to add moisture plump elasticity to your weak and sagging Skin [it’s] Antioxidant properties really help to purify a fatigue skin External simulations that your skin [might] have felt and also every move [bills] of properties, okay? [so] let me introduce you to the house to first after cleansing apply an appropriate amount onto the face number two We’re going to be much salting Like [foods] onto the skin and you’re going to feel a little bit of heat And this is going to help to open up your pores and to remove impurities depending on each person’s Skin temperature the viscosity of the product might differ a little bit if you feel like the texture of the mask is too hard to Work with then what you’re going to do is just wet your fingers a little bit with water and that kind of helps to ease Texture itself, so the third step is massage for five to ten minutes, and then wash off with Lukewarm water afterwards your skin might feel a little bit warm still from the Massaging so what you’re going to do is last step get cool [water] and then rinse off and finish off now We’ve prepared an anti-aging skin care routine using these products you can watch the video at wish beauty lab click right here to watch it Now I know that a lot of you guys are curious so how to do Anti-aging massages now as we mentioned [before] we’re going to be showing you some Korean anti-aging massages that are very effective making sure that your skin [is] not irritated We want to reduce the irritation as much as possible, so put on the spot cream Or put on your night moisturizer and then massage and that will help to reduce the irritation now It’s the B-line these massages Really help to ease the muscles around your jaw area and it helps with skins elasticity in case for our gentleman on The muscles are more intense so we suggest that you use a facial oil And that will help to actually use the muscles much more number one closing both hands into fists Lightly Follow upward from the middle of the chin to the area behind the ears number two Placing your fist behind your ears massage with circular motions number three repeat 10 times Now these are the [mossad] [Jets] to improve Dark circles This is [a] massage that’s going to help with dark circles by helping the blood circulation around your eye This can be much better with you rubbing your hands together and using the heat from your [hand] Use the thumbs to lightly give pressure from the front of the brows to the outer brow number two using the [points] finger and middle finger Slightly press the area below the eyes from the front of your eyes to the outer Corners Please repeat this motion [ten] times now. This is a massage to prevent frown line This is uh not only helps to prevent the brown or gold right here But it also helps to get rid [of] the foot sickness around your eye number one ball love Bowl can into [sit] Number two starting from the temples lightly press the skin in a diagonal line for three seconds or longer number three Repeat 10 times The last one is for our last line in order to help the muscle be lifted around Our last line the main point here is to expand the skin on the areas of your [cheeks] by holding air in the mouth Number one lightly close them out and puff up the cheeks with air maintain for five seconds number two repeat this motion changing sides each time number three repeat 10 times Thank you guys so much for watching until the very end I hope that this actually helped a lot of you guys who [have] questions about anti-aging and which products to use thank you guys so much don’t forget to give a thumbs up and hearts and Feel free to leave any comments below and don’t [forget] to follow my personal channel and Uni on me also Thank you, and I’ll see [you] guys next time oh SUBSCRIBE [oh]

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