WWE HIAC 2019 Review! WWE Worst Match Ever! Fans Demand Refunds!

Here’s your review for WWE
Hell in a Cell 2019 The eleventh Hell in a Cell Pay
Per View is officially in the history
books and what a show it was. Though the show had been
overshadowed in recent
weeks with the changes to WWE’s programming, there
was plenty of action, starting
with Natalya taking on Lacey Evans on
the kick-off show. From the get-go, Evans
dominated the veteran Canadian,
battering Natalya both in and out of the ring. At one point, Evans would even
target Natalya’s legs on the
steel steps and would try to choke out the former
SmackDown Women’s
Champion in the apron. After failing to add insult to
injury with a sharpshooter
of her own, Evans would go for a moonsault, though
after Natalya countered,
quickly locked locked in her own sharp
shooter to get the
submission win. Post-match, Natalya would get
some more retribution, hitting Evans with the Woman’s right,
and thought it was a fine match,
we can’t help but be confused by Natalya’s sudden win after
being decimated almost the
entire match. Though the third-generation
star got the win, this feud isn’t
over yet, as the pair will face off tonight on RAW,
in a Last Woman Standing
match. With the kick-off finished, it was
time for the event itself, which
kicked off with the first of two Hell in a Cell matches, between
RAW Women’s Champion
Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Even before the match began,
Sasha would take advantage,
levelling the Man with a suplex on the ramp,
and continuing her offence
in the ring. Though Banks would get the
first near fall of the show,
Becky would retaliate with a Bexploder, in a very evenly
booked match between the
two Superstars. What was notable about the
match was how innovative
both women were, as at one point, a kendo stick
and steel chair combo would
leave Banks perched several feet off the ground,
and prone to a dropkick
from the Man. To combat that, The Blueprint
would use her patented double
knees, at one point even crushing Lynch into a
ladder with the move, and
though Banks writhed in pain the glazed-over look on the
face of the Champion told
the story. With the crowd split between
the two, both women had
moments where it seemed they’d win, but it was
ultimately the Man who
retained locking in the Disarmher to
get the submission. By far one of the better matches
of the night, Banks put up a
valiant performance though it seems 2019 is still
the year of the man. Up next we had Roman Reigns
and Daniel Bryan face Erick
Rowan and Luke Harper in a physical
bout between all four. From the start, the heels
would get the advantage,
quickly getting rid of Reigns, leaving Bryan to find for
himself. In fact, an impressive Michinoku
Driver by Harper would’ve
surely ended the match if not for the timely
interference of the Big Dog. As Rowan and Roman brawled
outside of the ring, Harper
would make a suicide dive to the outside, though Harper
would land face first into the
announce table and it’s not sure if he was
selling the injury or if it’s real. Whatever the case was, the
match continued, and whilst the
Bludgeon Brothers attempted a powerbomb on Bryan, Reigns
would instead spear Rowan
through the announce table. Without his partner, Harper was
quickly felled thanks to a
Superman Punch, Running Knee and Spear combo, and Bryan
and Roman hugged post-match,
seemingly ending the storyline beef between
the two. It’s unclear whether there will
be another match between
these four, as it seems this storyline has
now been played out. In a match that was only made
on the kick-off show, Randy
Orton took on Ali in a unique meeting of
two very different stars. From the start, Orton would
ground the highflyer, even
using a Nature-Boy-esque thumb to the eye, and sending
the Ali into the announce tables. Though Ali would try and fight
back, most fans knew how this
match was going to go and the several long periods of
Orton offense confirmed those
suspicions. A rather dull match with no back
story, the only real highlight of
the match came near the end when Ali would counter an RKo
with an impressive handstand. Though he countered the first,
Ali wasn’t so lucky with the
second, as Orton would get the win in what was frankly a
lacklustre match between
two big stars. Up next the WWE Women’s Tag
titles were on the line, in what
ended up being one of the best matches
of the night. From the very start, the Kabuki
Warriors showed heelish
tendencies as they took on Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, with Kairi
Sane even faking a sportsmanship
handshake before the bell had rung. Later in the match both Sane and
Asuka would use the ropes to their
advantage, and Sane would even use a thumb to the
eye on Cross, much to the fury
of the crowd. A clothesline by the Scottish
Superstar would see the crowd
definitely side with her and Bliss though Asuka would use the
green mist, something we’ve
never seen from her to blind Cross and get the
win, and the titles. An impressive match by all four
involved, it seems WWE is
teasing a heel turn for the Kabuki Warriors, and it’ll be
interesting to see where
things go from here. It was a night full of tag team
action, as the OC squared
off against the Viking Raiders and their mystery partner next,
who turned out to be Braun
Strowman. The deceptively quick Ivar would
hold his own against Luke
Gallows, even diving out of the ring onto his
opponents, who were left reeling. In one fun spot of the match,
Braun Strowman would show
off his endurance running a lap around the ring
to take down each member
of the OC. As the match continued, the
team of Strowman and the
Raiders only gained in momentum which may be why the OC
issued a three-on-one
beatdown on the Monster Among Men,
leading to a DQ. Whilst the match was over,
Strowman was far from finished,
as he’d level the Phenomenal One with a devastating right hand,
just 24 hours before he meets
a man who knows all about right hands, boxing lineal World
Champion Tyson Fury, who will
appear tonight on RAW. Though Styles was left shaken
by the punch, even needing to
be reminded where he was and what day it was, at least the
US Champion left with his title,
unlike Carmella. Backstage, the 24/7 Champion
interrupted the Street Profits,
and was rolled up by Tamina for her troubles, giving the
second-generation star her
first title in her entire career. Attacking Tyler Breeze to escape,
Tamina would escape the scene
with the title though her reign wouldn’t last
long, but we’ll get to that later… Back in the ring now and the
next match saw Chad Gable
take on King Baron Corbin who insulted the Olympian
before the bell had rung. Corbin would even rechristen
Gable ‘Shorty’, though the name
clearly didn’t sit well with Chad who used a series of
submissions to ground the
much taller King of the Ring. A devastating clothesline by
the King would nearly decapitate
Gable, and Corbin would continue to make short jokes
about Chad, and though
Corbin does make a great bully, we feel that this
idea is starting to get old. Corey Graves calling Gable
Shorty on commentary didn’t
help things, though the former Olympian would counter
the End of Days for an
impressive ankle lock. Escaping to the outside, Corbin
would attempt to use his
Scepter, though when this was blocked by the ref,
it allowed Gable to get the
roll-up win. Whilst he may have finally beaten
Corbin, the moment was bitter
sweet, as announcer Greg Hamilton would refer to Chad
as Shorty Gable, and fans online
quickly bashed the new name. Hell in a Cell may not have gone
the way King Corbin wanted,
but it went exactly how the Queen of WWE planned, as
Charlotte Flair captured her
tenth Women’s Championship. Even before the match begun,
there were shenanigans in the
crowd, as 24/7 Champion Tamina would be confronted by
R-Truth, and when Tamina
used Funaki as a human shield it seemed the rapping Superstar
was ready to bust out some
Martial Arts moves. Instead though, Tamina was
blindsided by Carmella, who
downed the champ with a kick to the head, but the Staten
Island Princess allowed Truth
to capture his 20th 24/7 title. Back in the ring, and the
match between SmackDown
Women’s Champion Bayley and Charlotte got underway, with the
Hugger quickly targetting the
Queen’s legs. Although she claims to be the
same person she was before,
a thumb to the eye by the Hypocritical Bayley allowed
her to get the advantage, and
after smashing Charlotte’s foot into the LED
light board, it seemed the
match was as good as won. Refusing to go down without a
fight though, Charlotte would
also target Bayley’s legs, and it was an interesting bit of
storytelling to see the two Super
stars fight through the pain. At one point, the confident
Bayley would even attempt
a figure four of her own though it was narrowly
avoided by Flair. It’s hard to pinpoint when, by
Flair was busted open during
the match, and could be seen bleeding through the match,
though that didn’t slow her
down one bit. When the heel Bayley was caught
using the ropes during a pin, the
referee would chastise her giving Flair enough time to lock
in the figure eight to get the win
and her tenth reign as Women’s Champion, leaving
an emotional title-less Bayley at
ringside. Whilst Bayley was being helped
to the back, Kayla Braxton would
catch up with Chad Gable, and even called him Shorty,
despite the fact that she’s
much shorter than him. Pleased with the result, Gable
would ask Braxton to find the
loser Corbin and interview him,
though she didn’t have far
to look. During the interview, Corbin
would attack his foe backstage,
as it seems the war between these two is far from
over but we’re not sure we
can take any more of the same Short jokes by the
King, or Gable’s terrible new
nickname. With all other matches out of
the way, it was finally time for
the main event, as Universal Champion Seth Rollins
put his title on the line against
the Fiend, inside Hell in a Cell. The usually focused Rollins
was clearly apprehensive as
he entered the structure and this was contrasted nicely
by the confident Wyatt. In Rollins’ third Hell in a Cell
match, the champ wasted no
time in grabbing a weapon, though the Fiend showed no
sign of injury or pain when
Rollins laid into him with
a chair shot. Bathed in an eerie red light,
the match certainly had a big
fight feel to it, and a great story was told of Rollins trying
to find ways to down the Fiend. A series of attacks and even
a handful of curb stomps
only garnered a one count much to the delight of the fans
who were clearly behind Wyatt. Even frog splashing Wyatt
through a table and another
curb stomp had practically no effect on him, as the pro-
Wyatt crowd were sure a title
change was imminent, and a series of sister abigails
by Wyatt seemed to confirm
this theory. And then, it happened. After finally downing the Fiend,
Rollins took the advice of anyone
who’s survived a horror movie and aimed for the head,
smashing Wyatt in the face
with a steel chair, As a murmer of gasps and boos
grew in the crowd, Rollins
wouldn’t stop there, burying Wyatt’s head in a chair,
a ladder and even a toolbox to
weaken the Fiend. When Rollins grabbed a Sledge
hammer though, shades of his
mentor Triple H the referee told Rollins not to use
it, even saying that he knows
Seth isn’t that sort of person in what was a rather cringy
part of the match. Ignoring these protests, Rollins
struck down with the hammer, leading to the ref stopping the
match, and every fan in the
arena, and those online, turned
on the bout Almost immediately, chants of
“Bullsh*t” “AEW” and “Restart
the Match” echoed around and though the match wasn’t
restarted, that wasn’t the end
of the Fiend. With the match officially over
and the fans angry, Wyatt
and Rollins tried their best to save face and presumably
build to a rematch down the
line, with Wyatt initiating a postmatch beatdown on
Rollins, leaving the Universal
Champion bleeding from
the mouth. It was a valiant effort by the two
Superstars to save face, but at
this point, the damage had already been done, and Hell in a Cell
2019 ended with a chorus of
boos from the WWE Universe. On the whole, the show was an
interesting watch, though the
Pay Per View definitely feels like a show that was
booked at the last minute. The idea of this show being
booked at the last minute
not far from the truth, as the season premiere of RAW
and the debut of SmackDown
on FOX took precedence this
week, leading to many matches,
including the Orton-Ali bout and the Kabuki Warriors Vs. Bliss
and Cross only being announced
mere minutes before the show. The highlight of the night will
have to go to either the first
Hell in a Cell, which saw The Man and the
Boss try out a lot of new ideas
in the 22-year-old structure or the Women’s Tag Team
match, which could lead to
some very interesting things for the new champions
the Kabuki Warriors The worst moment of the
night has to be the main
event’s end, as even though the company may have plans
for Wyatt to win the title at a
later date, sometimes you just need to
give the fans what they want. It’s a real shame that
considering all the many
changes to happen to WWE many of which for the better,
that this historic week in
wrestling has ended on a very sour note, thanks
to some frankly baffling
booking. With the rise of AEW, and the
always controversial Crown
Jewel event coming at the end of this month, the
WWE will have to do some
thing very special to lure fans back after this, and even then,
time will tell whether the ship
has sailed for the Fiend.

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